Monday, July 20, 2015

facebook debate over objectivity whatever.

everything has been so incredibly shit for the past 2 days it is unfathomable what the hell
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  • Brent David Schulke Just imagine how bad it will be when I'm nearby and bugging you all the time.
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  • Flap Jack it is tremendously bad this time, and has not been this ridiculous ever in forever
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  • Brent David Schulke Worse than your whole wisdom teeth and tonsils fiasco?
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  • Aron Complin Eat some Smarties and listen to this
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  • Brent David Schulke Well just chillax, man. Things will improve. Sometimes just not as fast as we'd like.
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  • Atman Gotango The whole plane and luggage thing? Trust me, it could be much much much worse
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  • David Alexander Cardamone Well if things were shitty the last two days, was it personal or impersonal? If it was personal, it means you got some bad vibes going, usually caused by sin, since sin causes consequences. My suggestion would be to marry Audra since she loves you and that shes a rare girl. As a deaf person I dont necessarily have the luxury of girls falling in love with me a lot because of discrimination. Im sure if I was hearing Id have a harem. I had some bad vibes too, well, I ate at a shady downtown diner and I had a headache all day at Tokyo in Tulsa and that ruined my pick-up game performance and I was heartbroken. Usually a con around these parts is the only way to see so many pretty girls in one place. Going out in Tulsa means you only see a few pretty girls (Of my type) on a bad night.
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    • Charlie Wright Well, that escalated quickly.
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    • Sarena Jade i agree with this post
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    • Jessica Greco What the actual fuck is wrong with you? Maybe your problem isn't that you're deaf, but that you objectify "pretty girls" and seem to think "pick up game" is a thing. Seeing women as something you can acquire rather than as PEOPLE might be an issue. Also what the fuck are you talking about with this sin nonsense.
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    • Mat Sharff I feel this post so much rn
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    • Jessica Greco ^REALLY DO YOU
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    • Mat Sharff Every throbbing inch of it
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    • Jorge Antonio Roman Not sure if autistic or a genius...
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    • Jessica Greco "Genius"
      "I would have a harem"
      "Girl don't like me cuz I'm deaf even though I talk about women as though they are objects or collectibles"

      Yeah ok. *brain explodes*
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    • David Alexander Cardamone Saying words like "Objectivity" is an over-used word that simplifies the dating scene perhaps put there by man-haters to make dating look wrong. First off, I am human, and dating/courtship/pick-up is all a part of the human experience and there is nothing wrong with it. You can re-label things to fit your feminist man-hating manifestos but you cant dehumanize the human experience. Humans want to love and to be loved and you can't use words to dehumanize love. Saying things like 'objects or collectible's' is a over-simplification used by man-haters to dehumanize the act of love to fit ideals of a feminist manifesto. I dont believe in the recent trends that tend to dehumanize the act of love and love. What the poets have to say about love is more important than all the recent trends in re-labeling and re-formatting love into something that is dehumanized.
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    • Mat Sharff I feel like I read the same three sentences 5 times, as if the same few sentences were written multiple times. Kind of like when you reiterate a couple points you have in different ways to get the meaning across. It might take us two or more times to understand something you've said.
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    • David Alexander Cardamone sometimes it needds to be rewrote in different ways to offer a different point of view.
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    • Jessica Greco Let me know how that works out for you. Sounds pretty unsuccessful thus far. I am in fact married to a man who respects me and treats me like a human being, and his best friend. Maybe take a tip from that. I am NOT a feminist. On any level. YOU and your twisted red pill ideology is only going to contine to backfire. Treat women like people, stop being so disrespectful and misogynistic and maybe women will actually want to spend time with you. No woman wants to be told their value lies in "being pretty" or to be treated like a prize to be won.

      Your views on this subject are delusional.
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    • David Alexander Cardamone well, I lived my whole life being devalued as a human being because I am deaf so maybe I should have rewrote what I said earlier so you dont misunderstand me. I dont know how to treat women like people because they dont ever treat me like a person.
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    • Jessica Greco You're full of shit and generalizing an entire gender based on your delusional victim complex and it's absolutely sickening.
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    • Brian Coffin Here we go
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    • Jessica Greco Like I said, obviously what you're doing and the way you're thinking is working out really well for you (sarcasm)
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    • David Alexander Cardamone You are such a puppet. You actually doubt that I would love my girlfriend and treat her as an object? For what reason? Because I wrote something that wasnt perfectly politically correct and you took offense.
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    • Jessica Greco Obviously the problem isn't YOU, though, it's all those awful women. No deaf man ever had a girlfriend or relationship or love. It's the women who are the problem. Not your shitty attitude, persecution complex, SHINING personality, sexism, or the objectification you place on them.

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    • David Alexander Cardamone I live in Tulsa, filled with white trash who discriminate others (Who are different from who they are) like there is nothing to do.I dont know what its like to live in L.A around other people who have a different social world.
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    • Jessica Greco I live in rural Wisconsin jackass. Humans are humans and you are causing your own misery.
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    • David Alexander Cardamone so I see, so I objectify girls and Im not an object too?
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    • Brian Coffin Dude try this because it's what I do and have been in a relationship almost constantly since like 15:

      -Find some girls
      ...See More
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    • Jessica Greco Hahahaha there's that victim complex again
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    • David Alexander Cardamone well instead of the victim I can be the bad boy and be very mean.
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    • Brian Coffin Aka a douchebag^
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    • Jessica Greco Or you could try being a decent person who is capable of empathy and treats their fellow humans with respect and dignity and realizes the world and WOMEN in general owe him NOTHING.
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    • David Alexander Cardamone well I dont owe bitches nothing. Go use a pickle on yourself.
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    • Brian Coffin And now we see the root of the problem
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    • Jessica Greco Then don't ever expect any woman to want to give you an ounce of her time. You are a terrible, bitter, sad person from the sounds of things and no reasonable woman is going to want to bring that negative abusive bullshit into her life.
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    • David Alexander Cardamone Yes I am sad and bitter deaf kid. Now go out with a hearing man who rapes his mom. Hearing men are superior to the deaf and have scatplay sex.
      A stone cold 18-year-old Texas teen was...
    • David Alexander Cardamone Hearing Girl find Poop sexy? Have scatplay sex with Hearing Boy.
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    • Jessica Greco Wow I can't imagine why women aren't lining up to be with you.
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    • Brian Coffin Not sure if troll at this point.
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    • Jessica Greco ^ Yeah its either that or mental illness, I'm going with the latter.
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    • Jessica Greco He has like 30 pictures where he photoshopped his head onto porn covers
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    • Brian Coffin Yeah if troll then 0/10 because he just made everyone think he's a bad person.
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    • Jessica Greco What a well-adjusted, reasonable, decent man
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    • Jessica Greco Why aren't the wimminz in love with him?
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    • Brian Coffin Omg I just found OC for a cringe thread. Screen caping the convo. Huehuehue.
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    • Jessica Greco Oh dude I'm already on that shit
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    • Jessica Greco But do it to it
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    • Jessica Greco I'm mobile so it's probably better if you do it. PM me the link haha.
    • Brian Coffin Same here but I capped everything he posted
    • Jessica Greco Get it son
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    • Jessica Greco It will still be the fault of women hating deaf men and have NOTHING to do with his shitty personality. (Ps my husband is partially deaf in one ear, irony)
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    • Brian Coffin Im a single dad who only has time to go out once every 2 weeks and I still get dates lol
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    • Jessica Greco Lilli Fern check this thread
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    • Lilli Fern Oh my god I'm dying. I love how he immediately says he's not objectifying or demeaning people and then goes on to call people "white trash". you not SEE that you're waving the giant red flag of hypocrisy, buddy? 

      In any case, David, you're 
      missing the point of the earlier statements. The problem is not that you are deaf nor is it that anyone misinterpreted your statement. The problem lies in the fact that you clearly see women as nothing more than an object for you to attain or "pick up". Let's break this down, shall we?

      "As a deaf person I dont necessarily have the luxury of girls falling in love with me a lot because of discrimination. Im sure if I was hearing Id have a harem."

      First issue -- you're making the assumption that women don't fall in love with you because you're deaf. Then you go on to draw the logical fallacy that if you were hearing you'd have a harem. The first words out of your mouth just reek of entitlement. You don't have the "luxury" of girls falling in love with you because of "discrimination", yet you can provide no example of discrimination (aka the problem is not them; it's your perception of their thought process). I happen to have friends who are deaf and they are absolute sexual beasts AND they are genuinely good people. The problem is not in that you're deaf -- the problem lies in that you feel entitled to pity points for being deaf. Second issue -- you objectify women immediately by stating that you *could* have a harem of women if you wanted to. You do realize that the thought process alone is extremely sexist, right? Women who were historically in harems (even today) are mainly kidnapped, bought, or bartered into what is tantamount to sexual captivity. Yet you seem to find it appropriate to draw parallels between sexual abuse and your could-be sexual prowess. Ok. Nice to know.

      "I ate at a shady downtown diner and I had a headache all day at Tokyo in Tulsa and that ruined my pick-up game performance and I was heartbroken."

      You clearly state right here that you see women as tokens in a game. You lack the ability to create any meaningful intimacy in your life due to your own insecurities over your lack of hearing so instead you view women as objects for you to obtain and the pursuit of them to be a game. You know who else really, really likes games and collecting objects? Dogs. Fetch boy! Furthermore you clearly say that you're heartbroken -- why? Not because your life is devoid of any meaning, intimacy, or human contact -- no -- because your *game* was ruined. You may as well be ragequitting in real life. Unbelievable.

      " Usually a con around these parts is the only way to see so many pretty girls in one place. Going out in Tulsa means you only see a few pretty girls (Of my type) on a bad night."

      So again you're back to objectifying women for how they look. If I were to use your own logic against you I could easily say that perhaps the reason you are alone is not because women discriminate against you but because you discriminate against them for not fitting into the mold that you have set in your mind of what a girl "should" be which so far is really vapid. Sooooo she should be pretty and go to cons? That's about as emotionally deep as a puddle, but who am I to speak on it one way or the other? 

      "First off, I am human, and dating/courtship/pick-up is all a part of the human experience and there is nothing wrong with it. You can re-label things to fit your feminist man-hating manifestos but you cant dehumanize the human experience. Humans want to love and to be loved and you can't use words to dehumanize love"

      Actually that's not true. We're not biologically driven to date or pursue courtship. We're biologically driven to fuck. We're biologically driven to procreate and spread our seed all over this green earth. Courtship, monogamy, dating, and romantic pursuit is a relatively modern creation and so far you're batting 0 for 0 in that regard. The fact that you would tell someone who disagrees with you that she's a feminist, man hater shows how little you value women and their opinions, voices, and thought processes. I mean really as far as you're concerned you just want a harem full of vapid, con-going, pretty girls to suck your dick because you're entitled to it. You've made no mention ANYWHERE of any real desire to bond with anyone on a human level, which is ironic considering how many times you threw out the phrase "human experience" while in this conversation. Guess what? The human experience is based in disagreements, differences of opinion, growing by interacting with those around you, and adapting yourself to your environment. You can't swim upstream forever and expect to not be met with resistance; that's just a bullshit thought process.

      So before you go monkey bashing some inane response out about how fem-nazi, man-hating, and whatever else I may be why don't you think about this?

      The problem is not women. The problem is in how you perceive women and the things that you feel entitled to. Perhaps you need to rethink the way you approach people and relationships and drink a big old glass of Grow The Fuck Up before putting on your big boy pants and actually working towards the things you want in life. Newsflash -- you're nothing special and being deaf is not a blanket excuse for being an asshole. There are plenty of disable people the world across who are in healthy, happy, committed relationships. Why? Cause they aren't internet raging turd blossoms. Get over yourself.
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    • Lilli Fern Also thanks for the laugh, Jessica Grecowink emoticon
    • Lilli Fern Also apparently this nut and I have a mutual friend in common. Not too surprisingly it's Veronica Varlow (burlesque dancer). Oy.
    • Jessica Greco I love you Lilli. This is why I tagged you.
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    • Lilli Fern Hahahahahahaha. Yea, I honestly couldn't hold back. It was UNBELIEVABLY GOOD.
    • Jessica Greco Err....I mean....RAR RAR I HATE MEN DISMANTLE THE PATRIARCHY
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    • Lilli Fern Kill all men! DUH.
    • Lilli Fern Also pm me the link to the cringe post tongue emoticon I want to see iiiiiiiit.
    • Lilli Fern Also apparently he writes fanfiction.... You have to log in with facebook to read it but it's pretty heinous.
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    • David Alexander Cardamone it wasnt written as a descriptive novel. Its a semi-script for an animation, not as a fiction novel. usually animation scripts are written as half-scripts half-novels.
    • Lilli Fern David -- you should probably find a new hobby.
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    • David Alexander Cardamone lilli, it seems like you have a relgious, zealous brainwash cult viewpoint of the 'objectification' and what it is and you want to label me as the bad guy and make it the bad guy. I am the bad guy because I want a girlfriend and that makes me the bad g...See More
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    • David Alexander Cardamone Well I dont think that Hearing Women should treat animals as sex objects, such as giving horses blowjobs.
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    • David Alexander Cardamone such "Objectivity' treating horses like sex objects tsk tsk, what inferior hearies.
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    • Brian Coffin Here is the link to the cringe thread:
      Cringe thread, old one died. Give me your worst /b/ - "/b/ - Random" is the birthplace of Anonymous, and where people go to discuss random topics and create memes on 4chan.
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