Friday, December 5, 2014

Ryan Farley bitches about my bitching about Deaf Discrimination.

WHOA. Mind-Blowing.
I was thinking of Deafness as Body Modification. I mean, so many hipsters and goths are obsessed with Body Modding and they like to poke their face and tongues and genitals with spikes and wear loop earrings and all kinds of studs and stuff. So I mean, one could take out an eye and be a real pirate, or to cut off a finger like a yakuza. But I mean, Im deaf and thats body modding, right? Its body modification, really. It is the latest trend in fashion body modding and it's very cool and hipster and therefore the latest teeny bopper trend is to be deaf.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone So, really, I noticed with the "Dumbing Down of America" that the more dumbed down people are, the more they judge me for being deaf. But hey, it's body modification, so it's really cool! So I mean, its rebellious against society and social norms, right? its FUCKING COOL.
  • Ryan Farley Orrrrrrrr we could have not listened to the church's bullshit 1000s of years ago and let science progress enough to have genetically modified everyone to remove things like mental retardation and deafness.
  • David Alexander Cardamone My deafness is caused by spinal menigitis not by fucking genetics.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Even today, children at the age of 8 and 9 catch Spinal Menigitis because someone plays with poo poo and it gets somewhere. They die from it. I was 3 and survived spinal menigitis, but deafness was the side-effect of the medicine given for it. So, I survived something that usually kills older children, I survived as a baby. I got deafness in return for it. But Im punished for being deaf. Stupid, Dumbed-Down hillbilly hicks judge me for being deaf, and they are fucking dumb. Have they read a Nietzsche book? All of them? NO. But I have. I got a fucking A plus in Nietzsche class, in art school BEFORE the time when Universities became 'dumbed down and easy', It was during the OLD SCHOOL HARD times. Stupid dumbed down lemmings and conformists judging me for being different.
  • Eric Breitenbach We tried the Eugenics stuff last century. The only hold overs we still carry is that there is a difference between people who want to be gay and straight.

    I like the take on body modification- to a degree of course.
  • David Alexander Cardamone haha, I thought the 'body mod" would offer a different perspective on deafness. Most people wouldn't see deafness or blindness as a part of body modification or see it as fashionable, but it could be. There are limb fetishists, crutch fetishists, etc. Many artists and performance artists take body modification seriously and use it in performance art such as sewing patterns on the back, or hanging from their nipples like indians or hanging from wires from the back via hooks, etc. Theres books on like like from ReSearch an out of publication and collectible series with each volume on different subjects like "Search and Destroy" on punk culture, body modding, etc. Model Search
  • Eric Breitenbach Not to mention sensory deprivation modifications to promote other senses.
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  • Ryan Farley Nobody cares about nietzsche because he was a proto nazi . Hitler and co drew alot of their racial theorys . As for deafness coming from spinal menegitis or from it being a birth defect genetic engineering or advanded medical science could have still cured it . But the church and other religions put a huge fucking drag on technology think about it we have gone from 56k modems to the the wifi stuff we have now in decades. As for the dumb ass hicks and farmers well guess what numb nuts they grown your food . On top of that you call them dumb but you cant even tell me what dihydrogen monoxide is even though your willing to protest its and willing to sign a petition to ban it .
  • David Alexander Cardamone nobody cares about Neitzsche or any Philosophy because they are dumbed-down and find stress in studying or stress in knowledge or stress in anything that isn't dumbing them down. Its a part of the dumbing-down conspiracy process. What Nobody cares about is what the lemmings and conformists dont care about. A hick I refer to are not farmers but white trash boring shitlings who share the same perception and actions of the Tulsans who burned Little Africa. They cannot think out of the "Burn Little Africa" box and have that skewed, narrow perception of judging people who are different from who they are.
  • Ryan Farley You claim to be intelligent and against being dumbed down but you dont study science you study artsy fartys bullshit . Right now I am challenging your " intellect " with a simple question of do you know what dihydrogen monoxide is and all you do is whine about how the world is soooo mean to you. Did you actually read nietzsche ? Because you are the exact thing you do all the time is the thing nietzsche was bitching about . He was on the side of being a bully because a superior man bows to only those who are stronger not be a whiny bitch because your to weak to get anywhere in life . Why do the corporations rule everything because they are superior to you they do a better job of following nietzsche and they most likely never studied it . Lot a good your A in it did you im bitch slap your brain around facebook with simple chemistry questions you cant answer but you expect me to believe half the shit you post about chemicals in food and water . They should post your picture in nietzsche's text book to show the readers how to be the total opposite of what he was wish man to be like .
  • David Alexander Cardamone Certain people are designed to do certain things in their genes and interests, like some people are scientists and some are not, but it doesn't preclude intelligence. Surely you could understand something as simple as that. Nietzsche used a lot of poet...See More

    Low intelligence may lead to a craving for order,...
  • David Alexander Cardamone Ryan, people who name-call each other and make accusations, such as telling me that I claim to be intelligent and and telling me Im the total opposite of what Nietzsche claims the Ubermensh is? People who make accusations without supplying the reasons,...See More , which you did not, doubt their own logic and doubt their own judgement. Making simple, insulting accusations like "Your work is shit, etc" shows that they cant find the exact fault in which they insult instead because they doubt their own judgement. How well do you know me Ryan? You are telling me that I should find deaf discrimination to be intelligent and smart? That I should find it to be of high-brow intellectualism? Ill tell you something, I consider myself UBERMENSCH for very, very, very good reasons. One, is that I produce electronic music, I have made about 100 songs in the last 7 years, being deaf. As Nietzsche fondly said, "To be ubermensch, one must stray from the herd". The herd doesn't expect the deaf to make music, so therefore I make music. Thats straying from the herd. Thats just one of the many, countless reasons. The other is that Ive read 800 or more books, and usualy the herd doesn't read. I also watch art films, usuay the herd doesn't watch art films. I do a lot of things that I consider the herd doens't do. I fought 30 PRO kickboxing/MMA fights with no glasses. I can't see very well without my glasses. I won 6 out of 8 Champion fights and won 19 out of 30 fights. I would have won more but all the judges were KKK and hated me for being deaf, so If I didn't beat the shit out of my opponent breaking his arms and KO him out then they would default me by giving the decision to my hearing opponent that happened in 9 of the losses. Ive done 13 KO, 6 Sub, 1 TKO. I beat up a Middle weight fighter in a champ fight when I was a lightweight. Ive trained with Muay Thai fighters from Thailand who have done 200 fights. I dont read things the herd does, or listen to the music that the herd listens to. Does the herd play MELEE? No, thats an ubermensch sport.
  • Sharilyn Verlinde Omg. David.
  • Ryan Farley David Alexander Cardamone finally I have poked you enough that you have decided to debate, So I will debate with you . you have made a very good point on how you feel you fit in nietzsche's teachings . However I feel that I can prove that you are not actually " ubermensch" based off your behavior. Two I will show you despite my weakness of the english language and syntax that my points are not only correct , but more than the "your work is shit " statement . 3rd and finally I will so you that tulsa actually does have badass intellectual shit and incredibly intelligent people . So Iets debate in the nietzsche philosophy paradigm I will not insult you during this debate as I have in past rants but I will destroy your position .
  • Ryan Farley Do you accept my challenge ?
  • David Alexander Cardamone Absolutely. I am very Ubermensch. Since most of the herd drive cars, I dont drive a car. I have run 10 miles from the dojo for 6 years while I was training there. Lets see, that makes about 20,000 miles I ran during that time. That is Ubermensch. I do not listen to Top 40 music, which is herd music. I do NOT listen to Justin Beiber. That is herd music. I do not read Top Bestseller books. Herdies, if they read, they read that. You say my art is shit but that's because my art is not made to please the herd. My art is not meant to be commerical art and not meant to cater to illustration criteria. My art is a protest of conformist normalcy in art.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Keep in mind though that you are starting to change the subject matter and straying off topic, which I do too on other people's posts. The original posting here was that Deafness can be seen as Body Modification and not as a handicap or disability as people try hard to enforce. They try to enforce Deafness as something grody rather than something cool. The purpose of my post was to promote deafness as fashionable, eccentric like body modification and rebelling against social norms to be cool.
  • David Alexander Cardamone I am starting to see your actions as discriminatory as you are taking offense to my claims that deaf discrimination is of low IQ, uncultured, un-educated, assholish, etc.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Kevon says a bunch of bullshit

The things you see but can't reply or post to are because the posters have blocked you and I said we will address your return in a month and as it happens we are still in debate as to revisit it in 6 months or keep you banned permanently.
I cant see anything at the moment. I feel that my punishment is unjustifiable and if it is harsh then I will file a Royal Lawsuit in a Royal court and sue for Syn. I feel that there is too much deaf discrimination and you guys are discriminating and hating and thats why I meet people who say that they dont play Melee anymore because theres too much drama and hate.
If it comes to that point that you guys discriminate the whole world will know about it and I wil make films about it and spread the word that Melee is a hateful, drama group of KKK Nazis.
I will fight to the bitter end against discrimination with all my strength forces, resources, everything.
And this is why the discussion continues because you say hateful discriminatory things like this and posting nudity and stirring the pot.
it is true that I stir the pot but everyone contributes and puts in their ingredients.
like I said there are options where I can read the group forums without being able to post or comment.