Thursday, February 19, 2015

Response to "We have more art than we need, you cant help people by being a miserable artist"

“We have more art than we need.
You can’t help people by being a miserable artist.
Don’t be an artist unless you absolutely have to.”
(what art critics said)
Lets look at the situation: if there are miserable artists, lets define that: A miserable artist is someone who isn't making money, or is making terrible art irregardless of the money.
Growing up in Tulsa in the 90's, it wasn't the art center of the universe, with there being only 2 galleries downtown, Living Arts and Tulsa Art Gallery. With NO INTERNET, one's exposure of art in Tulsa, was severely limited. I mean, one can easily guess that painting a technically realist painting like the ones you se at Philbrook was the way to go, as anyone generally can easily surmise this. But, LIving Arts of Tulsa and TAG were miserable. They tried to cater to the artsy fartsy world, while back then Philbrook was just showing their art. One could flip thru mags etc. But as a miserable artist is, and how it's defined, can be broad. .For example, a video artist. A video artist, is a miserable artist, no matter how you look at it. Why? Because, video art, isn't film, or auteur film art, but video art, which is the whiny video artists' bitching and whiny about the world and attacking mainstream media and Hollywood and just making terrible crappy video art with VHS, slow computers that make you scream like an insane asylum patient waiting for the render of simple film effects. Video art, is a miserable art, and creates miserable artists. The video artists wants to be miserable, to wallow in misery, as entertainment. THe want to see the misery of the world and tape it and discuss their misery, literally and metaphorically. As my Grandfather wanted me to paint, I was brainwashed by being 'young and stupid' and under the influence of depersonalizing side-effects of psychiatric pills, as well as influenced by having high school art teachers that are miserable video artists and seeing miserable art and miserable video art at Miserable Living Arts of Tulsa. So, its really backwards to try to learn art in Tulsa and grow from there, especially 90's Tulsa. When these art critics say they look at a lot of art and that the artist must look at a lot of art, it's no bullshit. The artist must look at every single art they can superhumanly gaze upon. True some works like a beautiful painting, would take hours to gaze upon. A painting was a TV set that one would look at for hours in one's home. But alas, we live in a super-information world, a data-crunching world, where art is glanced upon merely in seconds and then the next art piece is looked upon. Video art, is the most miserable art and will make any artist miserable. Unless of course, that video artist converts to another art medium or makes an art film. Film, is a money pit that sucks the life out of people when they try to make one. So is video art. FIlm is also a miserable art, but it has it's rewards and intellectual/social satisfactions. Video art may have intellectual satisfaction but it is a miserable intellectual satisfaction. Instead of painting, I did video art in art school, wasting 100 usd on 100 MB data disks, I spent perhaps more than 1000 on data discs, 1000 on VHS tapes, etc, and wasted hundreds of hours just sitting waiting for the computer to render and finish the product, screaming insanely. When, it would have been better, more prudent and far less miserable, to spend all that time painting, making tons of painting and painting and getting skilled. Waiting for a comptuer does no skill. Skill can be lost in the technical death of using technology. Skill in digital media is reliant on the meld of quantity and quality .When technology's time in rendering and constant technical details are chaotic, the skill is lost because of the lack of a connection between human and technology. Video art made me so miserable. I was so freaking miserable. I was terrorized. I was not taught how to make video art or film. I was given a history book of video art, watched shitty 70s and 80s video art and discussed those work, then made shitty video art. It was filthy disgusting. A great film book could have taught me a lot I wanted to know. Some film books teach a great many things about the world and art beyond film-making, because many great film-makers are high-brow intellectuals that are leaders and directors that direct hundreds of people, and they know life and how to take charge of it, so they things they say in the film books are of high value in education, and are amazing, in contrast to the deep disgusting misery of video art.
So the question is, is there too much art? I disagree. Because each person is unique and all are different, just like no snowflake or fingerprint is alike. But, mediums need to be more diverse to meet the demands to make art diverse just as humans are diverse. One shouldn't be limited by a medium or should art be limited to any medium.
As there isn't really too much art, as Ive almost seen every anime there is. Ive seen all the anime Ive wanted to watch, entire seasons, some animes I don't want to watch Ive seen at least one or two episodes. And I can think of at least a hundred more anime to fill in some voids in the anime world. If these art critics think there is too much art, they haven't seen anything yet. THere are voids out there. There are.
I almost commited suicide, at Youmacon of 2012, I was so sad because I had such a horrible Overactive Bladder attack from eating shitty Chinese fast food, and the dreadful thought that I wouldn't get laid because I was deaf, and I was so embarrassed about having a video art degree instead of an anime degree, that I wanted to jump to my death. I was at the Renassiance Detroit Tower, and each floor has an open space in the middle one can see far up and down from the balcony. It was rather very scary to see down, as it causes vertigo, and I had vertigo as well. So, the thoughts of life and death constantly reminding me from seeing the far drop, the overactive bladder, the video art misery, the deaf discrimination memories, etc etc I was so scared that I would jump to my death at Youmacon, so Saturday night I had to skip the cosplay rave because I was so messed up, emotionally, so miserable from video art.
So, I got over it, but it was a strange ordeal. The life of being deaf and being judged for being deaf is difficult. The lack of love and romance because I was on psychiatric pills from 1992-2000 was too much for me and very difficult to deal with.
So the moral of this story is that it is very important to see a lot of art and to carefully, carefully choose your art education from NON-MISERABLE ARTISTS at an art school that is NOT MISERABLE and select a NON-MISERABLE MAJOR.
I remember when in high school, I had a Animerica Anime and Manga Monthly magazine from June 1993, the summer before I attended art school. In there was an article about Anime Expo, but no pictures of AX or any cosplay. I was looking at this and drawing anime way back in 1993 and considering trying to get an anime degree. I wanted to go to Japan way back in 1993 and make anime. I knew I was already going to art school and it was all set, but here I was, wanting to make anime, and KCAI had no animation degree at this time. Back then, most art schools did not allow the art students to draw anime it was against the rules. Enforcement of Misery. Well, I asked my mom, "Can I go to Anime Expo 1993'? And she says, "How, what is it" We dont know much about it or something like that. Well I ended not going, as I wanted to investigate what it was all about. I wanted to know more, but no internet, no cosplay I had no idea there was anything like cosplay in 1993. So began the sad tale of me going to waste time on a miserable Video art degree. Im sure if I went to LA in 1993 to Anime Expo, Id get an ANimation Degree, Cosplay and marry a cosplay girl live in Japan and live a FUN life and not a miserable one.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Melee guys arguing about my intellectual superiority

according to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay terminology, the corruption of Tulsa, in 1921 and beyond, is the infestation of the warpstone, causing mutations of the Chaos Nazykkk. The Chaos demon Nazykkk, is the demon of racial hatred, discrimination, the hatred of anything different from who they are. The mutations caused by Nazykkk are cloning into Hitler, with horns, and their emblem is the Swazskia. The mutations, are very uniform and there isn't much difference between them except differences in rank. They all look similar to others like lemmings, all lemming Hitlers with horns. They hate anything that looks different from Hitler. THe greater demon of Nazykkk is a big blonde hitler with blue eyes and big horns, many horns, and of course the nazi emblems. This Nazykkk Chaos Demon is predominant in Tulsa and of course, as infested the villages surrounding and the town of Tulsa, causing everyone to be conservative, lemmings and hating anything different from who they are. KKKroninburg is infested by the Nazykkk Chaos Demon and they are all Hitler clones and hate the WitchHunter David, who is deaf, and Witchhunter David will end the infestation of the Chaos Nazykkk!
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  • Terry Duggan Holy fuck, you are retarded.
  • David Alexander Cardamone i am gonna make this into a film, and YOU, Terry, are going to be a Hitler Clone Demon in it.
  • Terry Duggan OH GOD PLEASE DONT.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Well you insulted me, so I am afraid you will have to. This film will be made as revenge on all those who insult me. Im sorry but there are consequences to insulting me.
  • Tom W. McLain III I'm pretty sure I saw you in Top Deck Games with a D&D group a couple of weeks ago but you didn't recognize me since I was on duty.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Yes Tom, I do game there, with Meleeworld, the Literate Melee where we actually use a gaming system when we play on the battlefield, scenarios and actually use our personas. No random hitting and silly boffer games. We play real dungeons and dragons on the battlefield. THis is literacy in Melee.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Terry, you remind me of the people who thought Kayne West was trying to introduce a new musician to the scene- Paul McCartney
  • David Alexander Cardamone Tom, its good to see you ah, you were wearing glasses I dont remember you wearing them, lol. Im sorry that you see a little drama here, its that ah, its been going on for a while, Melee has quite a lot of drama on facebook and somehow the same drama 8 ...See More
  • Zach Sumrall People don't really care if you are weird or strange. You aren't excluded from anything due to a disability you have. You exclude yourself by being a delusional asshole that refuses to see yourself as anything but the victim of the world. You're just as much of a bully as what you claim other people to be. You seem to think of yourself as part of some sort of intellectual artist elite, and those who disagree with you must of course be lesser beings. I would debate with you in a logical and reasonable manner why I find both this worldview generally flawed and why your concept of it is most definitely flawed, but I'm fully aware of how far that would get me. I'm literally just typing all of this because I'm tired of seeing you wholesale insult the people I consider my friends. Quit being a dick, and maybe others will stop being a dick to you.
  • Terry Duggan ^An awesome concept that he is unable to understand, and literally the only reason I am a dick to him.
  • David Alexander Cardamone You say that I think I am a part of an intellectual elite and that people who disagree with me are lesser beings. That I feel this way. Keep in mind I grew up reading and not watching TV, because there was no captioning. I read all of J.R.R Tolkien whe...See More
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  • David Alexander Cardamone Well I suppose you could read about the Prince in John Barthe's Chimera, who each day, takes a girls virginity and has her killed afterwards. He has a harem of kidnapped girls taken from families. The extravagant luxury and excess waste of human life for perversity, is quite disturbing, and realize the folly of human life is in the hands of those who exploit their power. Why? Such horrors. What one must realize, such evil in the world must be stopped at any time. Thus, when Hitler started to come to power, when Agent Garbo, a self-realized and self-made spy witnessed the mass killings of Spainards by Nazis in Barcelona, a hostpot of the Spanish Civil war where anyone accused of being a spy were shot on the spot, Agent Garbo offered his services as a spy, with no training, and tricked the Germans, tricked Hitler, deceived the Germans into wasting their deployment of troops after silly red herrings, as Agent Garbo's intelligence reports were based on a few seconds of news footage at the movie theater. He acted as double-agent to the British, giving them information on the Nazis. The world can be saved by Espionage, and Agent Garbo is a very indication of such faith. The world can be saved by James Bond-ism. The very notion of expenditure as noted by Georges Bataille, is that humans are fond of excess waste, and wish to make a commodity of waste, of shit, exactly what it is, which is why we are bombardized by constant useless products, psychaitric pills, the DSM of fake symptoms, the constant barrage of services products, to foster constant consumption of currency, is the problem machine that the Russian Philosophers tackle, is that they say that the humans are a problem causing animal, they love to cause problems. If you look at nature and see that water nourishes humans and is a solution to thirst, and that nature provides substenance for hunger, then what do humans do when they do those things? Problems. Fast food with chemicals, water with flouride. Problems, problems. One can assume, in times of crises, that a menu filled with a hundred ways to make meals out of bananas like in Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow, one will realize that nature is divine in it's perfect promise to give humans a solution, when humans have to escape their problem vortexes and learn to be solutionists. When Salvador Dali believes that one must have spider pets, to create an Aranearium, a special furniture that is a loop with a little cage for the spider to crawl out and make spider webs on the loop so one can appreciate the beauty and art that the spider makes, is that you are actually letting the spider build, a window to another universe from which you can gaze at it! The spider creates the web to catch it's food, but its world its webs create an intricate pattern from which one can see it, reflect, meditate, and conjure up thoughts and images inspired by the webs, a path from which to journey, for Dali would line up 7 of these Arneariums, look through them, onto a glass sphere, onto the setting sun on the landscape, while there is dew on the webs, and it would cast rainbows on the dew and on the glass, creating a window for Dali to 'trip' in his mind. One must beware, of the Terrible Trivlium, the demon from the animation the Phantom Tollbooth, who wants you to waste life making a tunnel through a mountain by using a toothpick. This is an example used in a kid's cartoon movie to educate kids on the monsters they face in life, so they can make good career and lifestyle choices, so they can do things that are meaningful in life, to make something special of their lives and their handiwork. Which is why, the Baroness, who created a fashion model front for her special spy agency, who throws wild lavish parties at her NY apartment where teenagers are high on pot and she has wild sex orgies, and works for the NSA as a secret agent, hunting down Nazi conspirators who have fled to Brazil to create a Nazi compound and stopping them from creating special-cut diamonds that can divert lazer to a high enough heat to ignite stolen warheads, with her fashion model spy friends, and have an orgy. Surely one must realize that life, is like unfolding, and opens from more folds, like origami, like pornogami, a penis origami that unfolds to reveal the future like an orgasm on the vaginal origami to unfold another origami, another future, like FutureShock, where people get culture shock from the sudden changes in technology and lifestyle/culture choices. The world can be saved by espionage, by James Bond. It is real James Bond is real.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone You say that there isn't any deaf discrimination and that it's because of my attitude in giving off that I am intellectually superior to others. Well, it irks me because everytime I post something no one takes it seriously or even bother, and then I see them all gibbering over lame bullshit. For the most part, a lot of Melee is historical-obsessed with some strange intense hatred towards fantasy and imagination. Indeed, with this historically-valid film, Marketa Lazarova, a highly acclaimed Czechovalikian film, it is amazing art house film and I posted it, and no one bothers to watch it or talk about it. IF you guys cant watch an historically valid, medieval art house film, and discuss it then you cant be intellectual thats it.

    Based on a novel by Vladislav Vančura, this stirring...
  • David Alexander Cardamone ITs like when the Boy Cried Wolf no one listens. Its the same thing here. The Deaf boy cries wolf and the Hearies dont care. Thats deaf discrimination.
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  • Zach Sumrall Wow, David. I didn't realize you decided what was and was not intellectual debate. Gosh, I guess I should apologize. 

    But seriously, no. You don't get to decide that others are intellectually less than you because you have read more books. Reading books is not sufficient for intelligence. I would argue it isn't even necessary.
  • David Alexander Cardamone

    At the Art of Manliness, we encourage our readers to read books. It's through reading that we gain new...
  • David Alexander Cardamone

    Theory of mind (often abbreviated ToM) is the ability to attribute mental states — beliefs, intents, desires, pretending, knowledge, etc. — to oneself and others and to understand that others have beliefs, desires, and intentions that are different from one's own.[1] Deficits occur in people with au…
    • David Alexander Cardamone ITs like when the Boy Cried Wolf no one listens. Its the same thing here. The Deaf boy cries wolf and the Hearies dont care. Thats deaf discrimination.
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    • Zach Sumrall Wow, David. I didn't realize you decided what was and was not intellectual debate. Gosh, I guess I should apologize. 

      But seriously, no. You don't get to decide that others are intellectually less than you because you have read more books. Reading books is not sufficient for intelligence. I would argue it isn't even necessary.
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    • David Alexander Cardamone
      At the Art of Manliness, we encourage our readers to read books. It's through reading that we gain new...
    • David Alexander Cardamone
      Theory of mind (often abbreviated ToM) is the ability to attribute mental states — beliefs, intents, desires, pretending, knowledge, etc. — to oneself and others and to understand that others have beliefs, desires, and intentions that are different from one's own.[1] Deficits occur in people with au…
    • Zach Sumrall Ok, so the first article is one man's possibly misogynistic opinion, and this "relentless pursuit of knowledge" that the writer attributes only to reding is inaccurate in the modern world (by modern I mean contemporary). The pursuit of knowledge is not...See More
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    • Terry Duggan Oh man don't provoke the tard... Here comes another wall of text.
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    • David Alexander Cardamone because of the relentless barrage fistfuck of discrimination I get for being deaf, its always been my method of self-defense to look down on them as inferior and that Im intellectually superior to those people, and after so many times it's all I do.
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    • David Alexander Cardamone it looks like you didn't read that art of Manlineness article, Zach. it disputes against everything you just said. Perhaps you should write an article for the Art of Being a Pussy. Everytime people judge me for being deaf, its quite so easy to see thei...See More
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    • David Alexander Cardamone More than Once a Time in Hillbilly Tulsa, David was attending Tulsa's only electronic music club (at that time) on their retro 80 nights. Two big Skinheads, both more than 6 feet tall and wide in girth and big in muscles, each had a double-axe tattoo on their neck, with demon tattoos all over their arms and Nazi swastikas. They came up to me and told me that I was a "nerd" and that in Tulsa, there is no "revenge of the nerd" and that Tulsa was a KKK world for Jocks and that Nerds don't get their revenge. Well later that night, I met a blonde chick and we talked outside where it wasn't loud, and the big Skinhead came out and punched me in the face while I was french-kissing the blonde chick and I started punching and kicking him, and he was covered in his blood and his blood filled the sidewalk and I kicked his ass and then the skinheads left and ran off. As you can see, there are so many instances and circumstances that make me feel so many people are conservative racists with low I.Q.
    • Terry Duggan Sounds made up.
    • David Alexander Cardamone I have the reports dated and exact witnesses who were there as friends on facebook they can account for it.