Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Kevon says a bunch of bullshit

The things you see but can't reply or post to are because the posters have blocked you and I said we will address your return in a month and as it happens we are still in debate as to revisit it in 6 months or keep you banned permanently.
I cant see anything at the moment. I feel that my punishment is unjustifiable and if it is harsh then I will file a Royal Lawsuit in a Royal court and sue for Syn. I feel that there is too much deaf discrimination and you guys are discriminating and hating and thats why I meet people who say that they dont play Melee anymore because theres too much drama and hate.
If it comes to that point that you guys discriminate the whole world will know about it and I wil make films about it and spread the word that Melee is a hateful, drama group of KKK Nazis.
I will fight to the bitter end against discrimination with all my strength forces, resources, everything.
And this is why the discussion continues because you say hateful discriminatory things like this and posting nudity and stirring the pot.
it is true that I stir the pot but everyone contributes and puts in their ingredients.
like I said there are options where I can read the group forums without being able to post or comment.

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