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Storyboard for MELEE movie REFERENCE for Melee movie Agent Jaeger Borchardt: Operation Petty Spell Bunny Hop

this Storyboard is for reference for crew and actors to be well prepared and know what they are doing and what scenes they are doing, what angles, the CS stands for Close-up, MS= Medium Shot, LS= Long Shot.
(My scanner is not working, so I had to take pics and since its so hard to see in the camera viewfinder it is a bit crooked, therefore Ill have to write down what the panels say. Such a pain in the butt not to have a scanner ugh).
Actors, according to the roles you wish to play:
1. The easiest and fastest role is that of the Spectreman VS Jaeger, in Page 14-15. It takes about 15 minutes or less to film, if you read the storyboard and are prepared. if I can film as many scenes of Jaeger vs Spectreman using as many actors playing Spectreman that would be so awesome. So far I have 2 already filmed. (this scene needs to be done w/ wizard also).
2. Jaeger VS Wizard and 2 Spectremen. That means I need 3 actors in that scene. Pages 2-4. Shouldn't take too long, about 20 minutes hopefully.
3. Wizard. The Wizard scene will take a long time, hopefully no more than an hour. If I am lucky it would take 30 minutes, if the Wizard is prepared by reading this storyboard. Pages 2-15.
4. Wizard and 6 Spectremen. I hope I can get 7 actors all at the same time just for a few scenes, even though it's page 10 panel d, to page 13, it shouldn't take too long to film that scene.

Page One:
Panel A: CU. Close-up of rabbit's foot in Jaegers Hands (claws).
Panel B: CU. Jaegers "claws" affix foot on string attached to branch.
Panel C: CU. Jaeger uses rabbit's foot as divining rod to find the scroll of "Pettty Spell Bunny Hop".
Panel D: LS. Jaeger walks thru forest looking for scroll using rabbit foot divination.
Page Two:
Panel A: CU. Jaeger's eyes dart and fro.
Panel B: MS. Jaeger hides and watches from a tree.
Panel C: MS/LS. The Wizard and Henchmen sit around camp.
Panel D: LS. Jaeger runs berserk charge on the Wizard and his two Henchmen.
Page Three:
Panel A: MS. Jaeger slays one of the henchmen before it responds, but the wizard and other henchmen are ready. (Jaeger doesn't use his sword).
Panel B: LS. Wizard flees to safe spot to prepare his spells, chanting.
Panel C: LS. Jaeger and Henchman fight each other while wizard prepares his spell.
Page Four.
Panel A: CU, MS. Jaeger slays the other henchman.
Panel B: LS. Jager just slain the henchman.
Panel C: Psycho look on Jaeger's face.
Panel D: MS/LS. Jaeger does berserk charge towards the wizard.
Page Five.
Panel A: MS. Wizard casts spell- fireball at Jaeger.
Panel B: LS. Jaeger does a roll or sommersault to dodge the fireball.
Panel C: MS. Jager punishes wizard.
Panel D: MS. Jaeger searches Wizard's bottomless cloak for the pocket that has the scroll.
Page Six.
Panel A: CU. Jaeger find strange magic relic- Green Crystal, but not the scroll.
Panel B: MS. The Wizard wakes up.
Panel C: CS. The Wizard casts "repel" spell that causes Jaeger to bounce back violently.
Panel D: LS "   "   "   "
Page Seven.
Panel A: CS/MS. The wizard jumps back up, ready to attack with more spells.
Panel B: LS. Jaeger kicks wizard, flips backward, perhaps falls, Jaeger moves in.
Panel C: CU. Jaeger finds in wizard's bottomless pocket robe a slice of pizza with eyeball toppings.
Panel D: LS. Wizard casts spell, causing Jaeger to fall backwards.
Page Eight:
Panel A: LS. Jaeger is on ground, looks up at wizard and gets up..
Panel B: LS. Wizard shoots fireball and Jaeger does a Ninja side-roll to duck fireball.
Panel C: LS. Jaeger does a scissors-leg takedown and the wizard goes down and Jaeger pins him with a ninja knee, searching his robes.
Panel D: CU. Jaeger searches the wizard's robe of bottomless pockets and finds a wizard's robe.
Page Nine:
Panel A: LS. Again, the wizard casts a repulse spell, sending Jaeger reeling backwards.
Panel B: CU. Jaeger lays stunned, and then gets up again.
Panel C: CU. The wizard prepares another fireball spell.
Panel D: MS/CS. From crotch view we see the wizard's fireball go near Jaeger's balls, but Jaeger does a jump to avoid it.
Page Ten:
Panel A: MS/LS. Jaeger does a 360 kick and knocks out he wizard.
Panel B: CU. Jaeger finds the scroll from the wizard's robe of bottomless pockets.
Panel C: CU. Jaeger reads the scroll, memorizing the incantations.
Panel D: LS. Jaeger finds himself surrounded by the spectre-men while abesntly reading the scroll.
Page Eleven.
Panel A: MS. The wizard takes the scroll from Jaegers hand and says: "What are you doing with that crappy petty spell"? The wizard crumbles up the scroll, and throws it away.
Panel B: CS. "Tie him up and interrogate him" says the wizard.
Panel C: LS. They tie up Jaeger and question him. "What were you looking for" says a spectre-man.
Panel D: CU. Jaeger: "Nothing, just looking for gold". Spectreman: "Liar"! Wizard or spectreman punches Jaeger.
Page 12.
Panel A: CS. Spectreman: "Who sent you". Jaeger: "Nobody". Again, Jaeger is punched.
Panel B:LS/MS. Wizard: "Were you looking for the Staff of Xanaros"? Jaeger: "No, Just Gold". Jaeger is punched by wizard.
Panel C: CS. Wizard Monologue: "I have decided that you will die. We will set you free, and we will hunt you through the wilderness and we shall kill you for the sake of our sport the manhunt" hahahahahhaha
Panel D: LS. Jaeger runs through the woods.
Page Thirteen.
Panel A: CS. Closeup of Jaeger's expressoin when running thru the woods. He looks around and behind him.
Panel B: LS. Jaeger running thru the woods.
Panel C: LS/MS. Wizard: "It is now time to Hunt"!!!
Panel D: LS. The wizard's men scatter and run through the forest.
Page Fourteen.
Panel A: CS. Jaeger hides behind tree and watches for opponents.
Panel B: LS. A spectreman walks thru the forest, looking for Jaeger.
Panel C: LS. The Spectreman charges towards Jaeger in a berserk charge.
Panel D: CS. Jaeger casts the petty spell Bunnyhop
Page Fifteen.
Panel A: MS. Spectre acts like a bunny and does a bunnyhop.
Panel B: MS. Jaeger does a 360 kick.
This action is repeated with all spectere-men.
The End. 

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