Thursday, October 9, 2014

Conversatoin about my 'Crowning" and then onto Film.

Since Sir Genseric has been out of commission, I've decided to vie for Crown!
If I am Crowned we will have:
1. Wizard wars every weekend w/ Sir Richard the Mage!
2. All scenarios and gatherings will have monsters and magic.
3. There will be an Elite Hello Kitty Knight Regiment!
4. There will be a MeleeRave w/ Techno DJs and go-go girls.
5. Lots of MeleeMovies will be made!!
  • Woden Hrafnass This legit, or are you joking?
  • Kyle Johnson Hard to tell, right?
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  • John Charles Dean I would vote for you
  • Anthony Rodermund Who is sir Richard? We have a new knight?
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  • David Alexander Cardamone Richard has always been a Knight, but as a Wizard, of course! Didn't you know that???
  • Anthony Rodermund What's his last name, I'm not sure who you are talking about
  • David Alexander Cardamone I don't know his last name someone tell Anthony who it is.
  • Anthony Rodermund If it's kleck, he is not a knight.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Yes he is!! When I am crowned he will be Knighted but is a Wizard.
  • Courtney Franklin Rodermund The fellow with no honor that attacks people from the back and makes up "spells"?
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  • Anthony Rodermund He is a fun guy and i like him, but if you are going to hand out unearned knighthoods, i cannot support you.
  • David Alexander Cardamone It is a Wizardhood.
  • Anthony Rodermund but we are history based, not fantasy based.
  • Anthony Rodermund this is not larp
  • David Alexander Cardamone He has been casting spells in every battle, at every weekend of his attendance. Therefore his service as a Wizard has earned him the title of Wizard.
  • Anthony Rodermund i said history based. who said anything about live steel?
  • David Alexander Cardamone You are historically based. Speak for yourself.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Well, there are historical sorcery and occult tomes. Whenever or not you believe it to be real or not is up to you, but that is historical. There is a difference between fantasy and historical in Wizardy. Therefore, it is Historical Wizardy that we speak of.
  • Kyle Johnson You don't have to do magic to be a wizard. Can I get a huzzah from my high wizard council brothers? Jeff Simmons, Steven Schauf, Rusel Kernaghan, Markus Kylech
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  • Courtney Franklin Rodermund If it is historical wizardry why does he clams to have Zelda's sword, the one ring, and the thre deathly hollows
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  • Kyle Johnson You forgot his cloak of invisibility, ranger gear and green lantern ring
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  • David Alexander Cardamone Those are scapegoats to hide his true wizardy. Its a distraction to throw you off from what his real spells are. While hes' got you thinking he's playing with his Zelda Sword and Green Lantern Ring it's the secret historical spells he's casting.
  • Courtney Franklin Rodermund I'll give you the last two,.. But the cloak is one of the deathly hollows..
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  • Courtney Franklin Rodermund Balderdash. "Historically" we'd tie you both up and burn you for ravings of wizardry. It's a mockery of what some people are working really hard to advocate. Things like this make it hard to allow the group to grow.
  • Kyle Johnson Historically he would need excrement for the bodies humors. Trust me, he's full of that.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone what exactly are you trying to advocate? If you want to dampers peoples freedom of expression and creativity how will that make Melee grow?
  • Kyle Johnson Oh, don't get me wrong. Richard and anyone else can prance around doing magic. It doesn't effect my game and it's fun for them. Sometimes even mildly entertaining
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  • Anthony Rodermund Trying to advocate a historically based fighting group. Not a willy nilly fantasy free for all. A place where parents can feel comfortable leaving their kids.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone good. Historically, our courts, feasts, etc would have jesters to give us some mild entertainment.
  • David Alexander Cardamone the beginnings of MELEE did not have that in mind, I have repeated that over and over and over and over and over and over and have supplied Annuals of Apocrypha articles on it. The creators of Melee say it is BOTH fantasy and historical.
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  • Anthony Rodermund Also, richards disregard of rules is unsafe. No spells make you immune to a beating. And his lack of honor is annoying at best.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone the way I perceive this historical movement, is that Tulsa, in it's 'converservative" way, wants to put a damper on creative freedoms of expression by putting the preppy izod shirt on things.
  • Kyle Johnson Damn, Anthony Rodermund. You a hater bro
  • Anthony Rodermund Don't change the subject david. The consumer base of a clothing company has nothing to do with your bid for crown
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  • Anthony Rodermund I'm done playing nice kyle...sorry if i anger you.
  • David Alexander Cardamone What Im saying it's kinda "Preppy" to be Historical, but that's my perception. If i see something Historical that's cool, then Id use it, Otherwise Id re-invent history to make it cooler. WHats wrong with that? Re-inventing and re-designing history.
  • Anthony Rodermund Medieval enactment league enabling expression. End of line.
  • Kyle Johnson Nah, bro. I don't get angry anymore.
  • Kyle Johnson Old quick draw mcgraw just shootin the $hi+
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  • Kyle Johnson Expression?.... hmm
  • Anthony Rodermund Yeah. We have orcs. And an elf. But i think wizards crosses the line.
  • Kyle Johnson Ray Jones Jr was a wizard.

    Best senario spell - Unbreakable weapon
  • Courtney Franklin Rodermund Expression-verbal and non-verbal behaviour that communicates emotion; Expression (sign language), the expressions and postures of the face and body that contribute to the formation of words when signing.
  • Kyle Johnson _
    ( )
    _( )__

    _/ ( ) \ \
    { ( | | )
    \ )
    | |
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  • Anthony Rodermund Middle finger?
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  • Kyle Johnson Yeah, still joking. Its an expression and sign language lol
  • David Alexander Cardamone History encompasses the limits to human recording of it. Keep in mind there were dinosaurs. Just think of stuff we haven't seen that were on earth eons ago. What was here eons ago is dust, there isn't bones or any evidence of it. Some may argue the earth is young, or billions of years old. Also, in the cycles of human eons, Im sure it goes through the cycles, Caveman, Medieval, Modern, Future, Apocalyptic, Caveman, Medieval, Modern, Future, Apocolayptic, Wash and Repeat. In those cycles are probably Fantasy and Weird.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Doofus. M.E.L.E.E. is named Medieval Enactment Legaue Enabling Expression is so that it fills out the letters of Melee to make it sound cool, but is not limited by that definition.
  • David Alexander Cardamone see, its so irrational to think Melee is defined by what it's letters make out in word and limit it's definition to that. That was simply laid out to name out a cool-sounding abbreviation.
  • Anthony Rodermund I never insulted your intelligence. You have crossed the line. Your new name is meg.
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  • Anthony Rodermund Shut up, meg
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  • Anthony Rodermund Before you say anything, the picture i shared is a direct quote from a film that closely approximates my feeling of the situation. I did not then, nor do i know, find you uninteligent
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  • Courtney Franklin Rodermund You never make sense. Tony is too nice to say but you are a small minded bigot. You change the world to accommodate your own desires and expect everyone to fit to your definition of whatever anyone is talking about. So when 50 people are happy doing the same thing and getting along you call them names and expect everyone to drop everything and follow your silly whim. Better yet when they don't you accuse them further of hating this or that. You are simply put a poorly executed bully and it's a load of crap. You can't just flit through life re-imagining what doesn't suit you and expect others to take you seriously.
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  • Anthony Rodermund You are however comepletely bonkers. Meg.
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  • Anthony Rodermund Also. And i want to make sure everyone understands that i am not saying this because you are deaf. You are a really bad director. I mean REALLY bad. Top to bottom. Terrible. Your music, although all the elements are technically there, sounds atrocious. Every time anyone tells you different, it's because you are deaf and they don't want to sit through another one of your anti-hearing rants. Your static visual art however is very nice in my opinion.
  • Anthony Rodermund This is likely my last post on this, but no promises. Block me all you want. I'm not the only one that calls you meg. Good luck.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone People, who make very simple, insulting comments, like, "bad, terrible" say that because they doubt their judgement and knowledge. It covers up their insecurity. Knowledgeable people would say otherwise, and would say some constructive criticism. If a Film Director from MGM shows my film at the art gallery in a loop 100 times and at the after-party, then it shows his education and knowledge sees what the film is meant to be and what it's meant NOT to be. First of all, what is really your knowledge of film? Is it just the recent crap they put in the theater? Or have you actually watched some art films, like, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Jean Luc-Godard, Jean Eustache, Jacques Rivette, Federico Fellini, Ingmar Bergman? Do you really, really, really, really actually believed that I was trying to make a "Commerically viable" piece of work in film? Something that would mimic mainstream media? Mainstream works of media are constantly packaged the same in order to satisfy the ever-dumbed down couch potatoes who want packaged entertainment that dulls their senses and dumbs them down even more. It's that entertainment flow of being dumbed down to feel them winding down and down the downward spiral. Art films, on the other hand, deconstructs the mainstream media to disturb and confuse the audience, to awaken their senses rather than to dull it Furthermore, my films are made at ZERO cost. In order to be a good director, the only way is by experience. There is no other way to be a good director. And, a director is limited to how good his crew and resources are. Making a good film is a crapshoot, it is gambling, it isn't guaranteed for any film-maker. I never expected my "Zero Cost" Films to be any good. That was not the reason to make them. The reason to make them was to be creating something and to gain experience. If I spent money on real actors and real equipment then Id expect the film to be good. But not a "Zero Cost" film that doesnt work out that way. Making a film with volunteers instead of professionals is a different film and not expected to be a professional film. Think of it this way. Some people think, the 1 Billion dollar production of the Hobbit sucked. Did it suck? Really? Or what? Was the imagery nice? Most of it. Most fantasy films have the problem of being terrible.
  • Woden Hrafnass Cardimone for Crown 2014!!
  • Michael Kunze ^Psycho.
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  • Anthony Rodermund My knowledge of film no longer matters. You don't need to see my resume. I'm not trying to pass crap off as art. A little humility would do you good, btw. Also, shut up, Meg.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone What you say, lacks Critical Thinking, as our society has a decline in critical thinking. So, my film sucks, because 1. It doesnt look like a film made for millions of dollars. It is NOT supposed to. You just dont "Get It". You are not an intellectual Anthony, come back when you can say something intelligent.
  • Anthony Rodermund I didn't go into detail because i don't have that kind of time. Shut up, Meg.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Go watch a Commerical Advertisement and whistle the Jingles, and say, "I Buy this Product, I am Brainwashed. I watch this Endorsed Television Program. I am a Zombie".
  • Anthony Rodermund If you insult my intelligence one more time, I'm going to get ugly.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Ok Anthony, tell us what a good film is. Show tell us.
    • David Alexander Cardamone you still dont get it. My films are meant to be "terrible".
    • Anthony Rodermund I didn't realize you were so eager to prove Courtney right
    • Anthony Rodermund You suck on purpose? How avant garde. There is only one ed wood, meg.
    • David Alexander Cardamone You don't understand the "Bad Taste Manifesto" which is an attack on "Good Taste" that I have been following all these years. Its what I chose to do. If 1 million artist all choose to be "Good Taste" then by all means being of the few that choose to do bad taste on purpose is avant garde.
    • David Alexander Cardamone ITs ZERO CENTS FILMS!!!! You cant make a commerically viable, mainstream film without PAID PROFESSIONALS!!

      • David Alexander Cardamone ITs ZERO CENTS FILMS!!!! You cant make a commerically viable, mainstream film without PAID PROFESSIONALS!!
      • Anthony Rodermund Who said anything about mainstream? Kevin Smith made clerks mostly out of pocket and it didn't suck.
      • David Alexander Cardamone They spent a lot of TIME on it. I dont have other peoples TIME in doing repetitive takes to do a good scene. I do 3 takes and pick the best one for each scene to save time.
      • Anthony Rodermund And there is a lot of really good theater that is out of pocket. They don't get to redo scenes during a live performance.
      • David Alexander Cardamone I barely use any acting in my films they are just sequences, Only 2 of my films actually have acting in them. That would be my Indy Jones film and the Operation Pettyspell Bunnyhop film. I know where this is going this is all bolloxs. Total bolloxs. Its all a matter of perception. Other people will perceive some good things about the film others will not. This is simply a case of "I dont like you" and that is what this is about. You guys dont like me, I get it, I get it. I can just see a newbie come to Melee and he makes a crappy film and everyone will say they like it.
      • David Alexander Cardamone there is no acting in 2 of my melee films, just melee action.
      • Anthony Rodermund I did like you. Until a couple hours ago. You have good taste. What you lack is talent. And sanity.
      • David Alexander Cardamone i do lack sanity.

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