Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kyle Johnson I really don't hate you at all.

As far as me being a loser that really depends on perspective. I have a college degree, good job, a family, a nice house, nice things in the house, a nice car. I'm not a millionaire but I do okay.

I'm also quite talented in many things. I've been known to produce nice artwork and show great craftsmanship on many levels with many different materials.

Also keep in mind you are not the only martial artist around and that I can kick really, really hard. REALLY HARD. A fight can go either way very quickly as I'm sure you have learned from your record of five wins and four losses from like ten years ago. I've watched some of your fights and I'm pretty sure you couldn't take two people at the same time, and definitely not 20+

You sir, are no Bruce Lee

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Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson Your kickboxing record is almost impressive 19-11
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Maga Blaggles
Maga Blaggles is this the internet version of napolean dynamite
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Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson Let me get fiddy cents for a pop
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Shane McShuckle
Shane McShuckle Did he really title himself as Bruce Lee?

Man the originality. Gets me just as much as his hello kitty bullshit.

But I vote we humor his 'skills' and invite him back to melee, then let him test this theory.

Then permanently ban him.
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Stephen Walker
Stephen Walker The delusion is strong in this one.
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Tanner Downing
Tanner Downing As I sit here eating my morning cereal, I think to myself......HOW THE HELL CAN SOMEONE BE SO. DAMN. DENSE.
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Kyle Johnson
Kyle Johnson Years of training
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Tanner Downing
Tanner Downing Okay, but what path of training does one take? The way of the Mule?
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Shane McShuckle
Shane McShuckle Onwy da heweeng wood say dat.
Tanner Downing
Tanner Downing Don't make B.B.U.T. fourth wall appearance on this thread
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Shane McShuckle
Shane McShuckle B.B.U.H.T
Tanner Downing
Tanner Downing Oh yeah, new title
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David Alexander Cardamone
David Alexander Cardamone I have not fought under normal conditions being "May the Best Man Win". I have fought under conditions where white trash KKK hicks have tried to make me lose. I have fought sick, I have fought poisoned, and I have fought where the judges will not let me win unless I KO my opponent, they are all KKK and boneheads.
David Alexander Cardamone
David Alexander Cardamone I pray any demonic whisper and agitator sent to manipulate and provoke you is silenced and the peace and confidence of God prevail!
David Alexander Cardamone
David Alexander Cardamone This is my prayer my pastor gave me.
Tony Rodermund
Tony Rodermund I give up. What is b.b.u.t?
David Alexander Cardamone
David Alexander Cardamone you are all "Demonic Whisperers". I will never ever ever ever ever ever play Melee again. I do not want to play with white trash KKK hicks who are demonic whisperers and lick the ass of the devil. I will not be around narrow-minded white trash hicks.
David Alexander Cardamone
David Alexander Cardamone you are all white trash hicks. I am going to unfriend every single person that is in Melee right now.

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