Monday, July 20, 2015

more objectification talk.

  • Lilli Fern David: I'm going to ask you, honestly, do you even KNOW what you'd do with a woman if she showed you any interest? Would you know how to interact with her? How to relate to her as a human being? Or would you just stand there with your thumb up your ass as you melt into a seething puddle of red pill angst only to blog about it later and blame it on hearing privilege and discrimination? 

    Honestly you need to get a grip. You clearly have no idea how relationships work. Hell, you have no idea how SOCIETY works. Just a little fyi people don't go around with "wingmen" or "escorts" in order to find dates or to interact with people. Adults who are capable of surviving outside of the womb are capable of being in a social setting without turning into a melted puddle of retard. Again, the problem here is not with women not wanting you or with women finding you undesirable. The problem is in that you are a complete aspie who has no idea what is appropriate to say or not say to another person (in this instance -- a woman).

    I'll give you a few tips.

    1) Stop sexualizing women as if they are nothing more than an object for your dick.

    2) Stop treating relationships with women like they are a game and you're going to somehow level up if you strike up a conversation with a female. Treat women like PEOPLE and you'll have much better luck>

    3) Stop bringing up entirely unrelated topics of conversation in order to "prove" your point. Bestiality, feminism, etc, are not doing you any favors. I can 100% guarantee you that EVERY woman reading this right now is clicking on your page and scrolling through your photos/wall and putting the craziness coming out of your mouth to a face and remembering to run the other way if that face ever pops up in real life.

    Oh and fyi -- the only person doing any discriminating here is you. No one has once told you that your deafness is preventing you from dating or being in a relationship. In fact the exact OPPOSITE has been said, yet you're the one sitting here throwing out derogatory names, words, and photos towards so-called "hearies". you honestly not see how your logic is so ass backward? Were you honestly dropped on your head so hard as an infant that you can't see that you're being completely and utterly hypocritical?
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  • David Alexander Cardamone ok lets end this thread I dont wanna talk about it. Yes deaf discrimination does exist and thats a factor it may be true that I am socially awkward and thats also a factor as well. Thank you lillan for the nice advice I will take that to heart as well. I can see there are good people on this thread. it was not so on other threads where people have said incredibly discriminatory things about my deafness and telling me that no woman will see me as worthy because I am deaf and thats what they told me. Ok End of this thread thank you.

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