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Wow, when confronted with reality he actually resorted to "oh ya?? Well you like POOPOO!"
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Pffffff. Whatever. You can make fun all you want, but this is how I win all my arguments.
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It's a good tactic if the argument is over whether or not they like poopoo.
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Further proof that sometimes, people really don't grow out of having the mentality of a child.
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You can't use poo to dehumanize love
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You can't relabel this to fit your dehumanizing manifesto. Feminist fit human experience into the ideals of their manifesto, thus dehumanizing the act of love. Both the act of love and love shouldn't be dehumanized like that. Neither of them can be fitted into any kind of feminist manifesto.
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You actually doubt that I would love my girlfriend and treat her as an object?
Freudian slip anyone?
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What gets me is that he is declaring his love for a hypothetical idealization of a woman. How can he know he will love his girlfriend until she has been his girlfriend for a while and he falls in love with her? Simple: Because he has no desire to fall in love with a woman, he just wants to see a pretty girl and fall in love with his idealization of her.
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"We use a most unfortunate idiom when we say, of a lustful man prowling the streets, that he “wants a woman.” Strictly speaking, a woman is just what he does not want.
He wants a pleasure for which a woman happens to be the necessary piece of apparatus. How much he cares about the woman as such may be gauged by his attitude to her five minutes after fruition (one does not keep the carton after one has smoked the cigarettes).
Now Eros makes a man really want, not a woman, but one particular woman. In some mysterious but quite indisputable fashion the lover desires the Beloved herself, not the pleasure she can give."
----C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves
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I'd say he nailed it.
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What exactly is a Freudian Slip?
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Women's nightware with a picture of Sigmund on it, I imagine...
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When you say one thing but really mean your mother.
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Ah, I see. Thank you.
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My Mom! slaps High-Five Ghost
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When you say something wrong, but on a subconscious said what you actually think.
So he was supposed to say that he wouldn't treat her as an object, but since he actually will treat her as an object he slipped and said the truth, even though he didn't mean to.
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On a subconscious? Subconscious what?
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I live in Tulsa and backed out of going to the event he said as apparently at (Tokyo in Tulsa) at the last minute. I have never felt so good about deciding to skip something!
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I hope my deaf friend in Tulsa never runs into this I want her to. I want him to see her hearing aids and try to talk to her so she can tear him back down to size. That would be beautiful
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If he's this bitter about hearing women rejecting then he might just be the type to bash your friend for wearing hearing aids.
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"Well, see the thing is, you're wrong. And you're wrong because you're wrong. That's why you're wrong, is because you're wrong. This is why you're wrong. Because you're wrong."
Way to argue.
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if i keep repeating my point over and over without actually elaborating anything, i will surely win the argument by virtue of higher word count!
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I like the fact that he used:
"Hearing Boy" as some sort of insult.
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Seems like he had a stroke at the very end
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He calls "objectivity" an overused word, and then uses the word "dehumanize" over and over.
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Oh man that was a great read. She absolutely rekd him and he just kinda malfunctioned all over the place. I can't believe this is real.
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....grade a shit right there.
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Well, he kinda went off the rails at the end there.
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God! Does he hear himself?...oh!
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I so badly wanted someone to say something along the lines of "I wish you could hear how much of a fuck you're being right now"
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Those are some pretty feminist statements for a supposed not feminist, pink commenter.
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It's funny how people will say something supporting women's right to freedom but then quickly say they're not a feminist. They act like being called a feminist is just as bad as being called a kkk member.
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Because to be fair, on the Internet it kind of is. The loudest are always the most visible so on the Internet, feminism = the crazy side of Tumblr, Christianity = The Westboro Baptist Church, Atheism = le euphoric Redditors and so on. The militant extremists or the craziest people of any particular cause, basically make level headed people afraid to label themselves as part of the same group.
I suppose, in a sense, I myself am a feminist. Or I agree with the simplistic "humans should be as equal as sanely possible, regardless of gender, sexuality, race etc" at least. But I'd love it if someone called me a "man hating feminist", because as a gay man, I probably love men quite a bit more than most lol.
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There are plenty of "anti-feminists" here on reddit that are definitely actually anti-feminism, but just think "feminism" just means this new tumblr wave of feminism. It's pretty annoying IMO. It'd be like saying I'm anti-athiests just because I don't like neckbeards that jerk off to The God Delusion with a smug sense of superiority, even though I'm not a believer. I used to frequent /r/Tumblrinaction, but I had to stop because there's almost a drive to maintain ignorance. I guess that's part of the circle jerkin charm of reddit, though.
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Yes, same here. Used to frequent that sub a lot, but rarely go on it any more because of this very reason. Even right now, there is a thread full of comments hating on feminism (and not just the tumblrina type of feminism).
There is even a comment with upvotes stating that they don't understand why women would find being catcalled/being stared at uncomfortable.
There are also comments saying that women only complain about it to brag about their attractiveness. Lol.
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Same here, I had to leave TiA after they decided that rape wasn't a legitimate trigger warning. Literally, something that causes PTSD is not a trigger warning, which is where the concept actually comes from. Also all the racist stuff.
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Wow, I missed that, that's fucked up. I was getting frustrated with the whole "rape culture doesn't exist" shit, when I'm sure 99% don't know what rape culture actually means. They just seem to base a lot of their knowledge on social justice related issues on disagreeing with whatever SJWs are saying. It's like that magnet thing where opposite sides are closer or whatever (sorry I should have probably just googled what the saying actually was). Plus every other post was someone basically saying "only white people can be racist" which got really old and boring. I'm sure there's some crazy 3rd wave feminist spewing complete insanity out there, you don't need to post 20 different variations of people saying reverse racism isn't a thing.
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Feminism at its core is just a call for equality that came out of a time of inequality. It's just got some of the most obnoxious crackpots making it a laughing stock on a day to day basis
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After you've been lambasted as a "femi-nazi" (I despise that word) and put in the pillory for making a mildly equality-related remark enough times, you, too, would have a bit of a knee-jerk reaction.
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Supporting women's rights isn't the same as being a feminist.
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Kinda seems like it is nowadays. Guess it's like calling someone supporting animals rights a member of PETA.
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Use pickle on yourself...?
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Everyone knows it's all about the cucumber. Firmer and less messy.
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If you leave the cucumber in long enough...
Bam! PICKLED cucumber.
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Relevant username for this post.
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Ahh, I get it now. I thought he was referring to sandwich pickle (a British thing, like sweetcorn relish). Was thoroughly confuzzed!
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Mentions 'sin' and uses the word 'courtship' seriously.
Bullet dodged.
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Alright Wisconsin! We're on the map baby!
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There was a post in /r/trashy featuring someone at Summerfest the other day. Practically felt like a celebrity.
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I'm surprised all of Hodag doesn't end up on /r/trashy
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If he's deaf (vs Deaf), he probably doesn't rely on sign language, making his HoH kind of a non-issue? Sure, he might not go to movie theaters or listen to too much music, but there isn't actually anything stopping girls from liking him except for his personality?
I would love to be part of a d/Deaf person's world. But I'll pass on being friends with a Nice Guy.
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If he's deaf (vs Deaf), he probably doesn't rely on sign language, making his HoH kind of a non-issue?
Not all deaf people use the big-d Deaf to identify themselves.
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That's the point. There's a difference between being deaf and being Deaf.
[–]Lachwen 3 points  
And I know several 100% deaf people, who rely on sign language to communicate, who identify as deaf rather than Deaf.
Saying "he said deaf not Deaf so he must not really be deaf" is stupid.
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Wow I did NOT say that. I said he probably wasn't into Deaf culture, which can sometimes put a boundary between hearing and HoH people.
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Wow I did NOT say that.
Well, no. I mischaracterized what you said. I apologize.
If he's deaf (vs Deaf), he probably doesn't rely on sign language
is a huge assumption to make.
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You're right, and that was wrong of me.
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Congrats Mr. Fedora Enthusiast. You have dried up my vagina (and I'm a dude).
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I've never seen "dehumanize" used four times in one paragraph
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well i don't owe bitches nothing. Go use a pickle on yourself
And he wonders why he's single
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Is it just me, or did he try his luck with the girl, when he said, 'I can be the bad boy'
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I'm the girl, so I hope not. Hahaha. Please no.
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Inb4 pm to you with top thread on sub (y)
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That sucks op your last two days sounds tough. Wanna hang out later?
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When he said all that stuff ruined his game I immediately thought of that guy on that apocalypse show whos friend shot a gun too close to his ear and he was crying like fuck and deaf. I can't remember the name so I'd greatly appreciate it if someone knows it.
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Did Jaden write the title for you?