Monday, September 1, 2014

2nd part of Nathan Critique

  • David Alexander Cardamone Lets see, I have someone from a Nazi Faction, Nuremburg, attacking my art and film. I can see the correlation between that and Hitlers attack on Modern art. Let it be known that I TRY to make "Degnerate Art". I wouldnt want to make Art that Hitler would like. Its not about pleasing others or even pleasing myself. The process and journey of making art has nothing to do with pleasing others or oneself, but the journey of soul-searching and exploring the avant-garde in not feeling chained, inhibited, forced, but to be a free-spirit and to have freedom of expression. Too many artists fall into the trap of trying to please others and galleries and thats why. they become simple cookie-cutter artists instead of original artists.
  • Michael Kunze Hitler is dead skippy get over it.
  • David Alexander Cardamone i know he is dead, that is besides the point. Its the thought that counts. Hiter, isn't just a person, but a force of evil that is present in the world. Hitler was just a human that represents that force of evil.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Van Gogh, during his time, no one liked his work. He suffered and was very destitute and poor and rarely sold a painting. Now everyone likes his work and his art sells for the highest dollar and it's value continues to soar by the millions per year. Let that soak in.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Right now you guys don't like my art and films, thats cool man. I don't care. That isn't important. In the future, the next few generations will adore my art. They will have it in musuems, and they will have a museum called "David Cardamone Museum: A r...See More
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  • Kyle Johnson There are all kinds of good shitty artists. Van gogh, warhol, the guy who did the squiggly red line.
  • Nathan Natred Trim Nurnberg is a nazi faction with jews and black folks on the roster, huh, odd that. Nurnberg takes on a lot of ancient German iconography and mannerisms. These things were ruined by the Nazi's in the 30's and 40's. The fact you think that team, which I love, would align itself with the monsters of yesteryear is deeply insulting to me. The main thing that irked me about you lately David was posting how much someone spent on your art school while asking us to help you with your film, like because they spent the money you are now entitled to help and we are beholden to you. Doesn't work that way, and I don't like you showing your films to advertise melee. They're goofy, and yeah, the editing is bad. It doesn't show melee in an attractive way, and I think if folks thought everyone at melee was like you recruitment would die. Kunze has it right, for someone who preaches about social injustice, bigotry, and racism, you are the most black and white bigoted person I've met in my short life. This frustrates me. I like you in person most of the time, even when you get off on zany tangents I could care less about. I like sparring with you because I want you to have a melee skill equivalent with your time out and veteran status. What I don't like is you on facebook which is why I had you blocked so long. What I don't like I don't associate with, not actively seek out. I will never understand you David, and I am glad for that.
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  • Michael Kunze *clap clap clap*
  • Steve Martin Son, Most are probably saying to themselves you just wrote a check your butt can't cash...

    It took a lot of balls for you to call Nate, me, and all my closest friends a bunch of Nazis. Well, now that I think about it no it didn't considering your
    brand of racism puts us all to shame. It makes us all sad and ashamed that FB provides people like you a platform to spew your kind of stupidity.

    Cudos as you have succeeded in creating art that none of us care about. You have also succeeded in getting the kind of attention for yourself that isn't easily forgotten and I don't mean that in a good way.

    Nate, really sorry this happened on your timeline. I hope you delete it soon.
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  • Steve Martin And its spelled Nurnberg not Nuremburg slick...
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  • Andrew Houston Don't be callin us nazis David. That's out of line, man, and you know it
  • Michael Kunze He doesn't care. he just wants to wallow in his own fear and ignorance. If he were half as smart as he claims to be he would be doing somehting with himself instead of whining every day.
  • David Alexander Cardamone oh you guys aren't Nazis? I thought you guys were because of the Heil Salute and Reich wordings. Perhaps you could educate me on how not using the Nazi salute doesn't make you Nazis. As I see you guys do the Nazi salute, I thought that is what it meant. Oh, silly me.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Well I showed my Counselor this post and many other "Facebook Conversations" and she says that you guys are NOT my friends. Theres no need to deny that. Its ok if you guys are Not my friends. After all, my counselor has a 14-year medical PHD education so she must know something.
  • Nathan Natred Trim Raising your hand to the flag was a salute used by many nations and cultures throughout history, another thing the Nazi's ruined. We did it in US schools during the pledge of allegiance until, again, the Nazi's ruined it. Your inability to see that forces us to be Nazi's in your eyes, and you make yourself a very hard person to be friends with.
  • Nathan Natred Trim If being your friend means nodding along with you when you explain how there's all these conspiracies against deaf people, about how we're nazi's and Tulsa is a helplessly bigoted and racist town while you yourself exhibit the most bigoted attitude I've yet experienced, you and I have different expectations of what a friend should be. Sometimes friends call you on your bullshit.
  • Michael Kunze Not only that but if you so called counsellor doesn't seem to recognize your own bigotry and self serving statements she isn't much of a counsellor.
  • David Alexander Cardamone oh well I finally learned something, that the Nazi salute wasn't always the Nazi salute, and that Nurenburg isn't a Nazi faction. Ahhh..Well now I stand corrected.
  • David Alexander Cardamone YOU DONT GET IT. I have better friends who proudly exhibited my Melee movie to Cineaste Film-goers at the Film Festival, and they showed it in a LOOP IN the Art Gallery and also at the Soundpony Lounge. Thats friendship. They know its not the most perf...See More
  • Nathan Natred Trim If you have better friends then why do you talk to us at all? Go be with the people that are better to you and understand you. I will never get the point of making a bad product. I could care less about your movies David, except that you advertise melee in them. I'd rather not be associated with them, but that's not my choice, it's yours.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone There is a demographic of cult movie fans who watch B-movies and other films that go against the "Good Taste" collective and much of us movie fans appreciate the "Bad Taste" the movies have to offer. Some of us are tired of the tirade of "Good Taste" b...See More
  • David Alexander Cardamone this will help you understand that when philosopher Gilles Deluze says that "Art is a Resistance" .
    Play Video
    This 45 minute talk at a conference in 1987 on the "act of creation" in cinema i... See More
  • David Alexander Cardamone if the art isnt a "Resistance" then it isn't really being art. This is what I mean when Mainstream works aren't "resisting" and are "brainwashing and vegetating" society.
  • Nathan Natred Trim All bad acting, bad editing, bad writing. and bad directing make me do is cringe. I don't find it entertaining or stimulating to see people do something poorly, and it doesn't inspire me. But it's all good man, I'll never understand you, and I like my life that way. Personally I don't think you need shitty examples of an art medium to free your thinking or change your perspective, but that's just me.
  • David Alexander Cardamone I think all the things you say are a smokescreen that hides the fact that you dont like me and that is ok. We dont always have to like other people and it is ok if you dont like my movie. I feel you are just jealous of me because I have a beautiful gothic girl dancing in one of my melee movies and that you are jealous and dont want me to succeed. Dotn make me laugh now "Bad editing, bad writing" blah blah. Like I was trying to do that. Of course not. What a joke.
  • Michael Kunze Uh bud? I can guarantee no one is jealous of you.. No one wants to swim in that much hate and vitriol. The only joke is your art... but you are too involved in your own idiocy to understand simple English.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Lets see. The scenes in Volker Von Baky are just Melee battles. They are not choreographed or scripted at all. its pretty much raw footage of Melee. If you dont like that then you are saying you dont like Melee. Thats pretty much it.
  • Nathan Natred Trim I'd love for you to be successful David, I hope that almost everyone I know leads a successful and happy life. Do not mistake me for petty or dishonest, I'll tell you plainly there are lengths of times where I do like you, and lengths of time like now where you go so far off the deep end I wonder why I ever did. To be clear on jealousy, I'm not jealous of you in any way, you have nothing I want, except maybe total self acceptance. On second thought, I don't want that either, the self acceptance, your brand of it at least, because it seems purely fueled by delusional and conspiratorial thinking.
  • David Alexander Cardamone we are flawed humans, Nathan. We have to accept the flaws within ourselves to give ourselves the love we deserve because we exist and our lives on earth are short. We have to love ourselves in order to love others.
  • David Alexander Cardamone thank you Nathan that you want me to be successful I appreciate that.
  • Nathan Natred Trim David the least of my complaints about your movie is the melee fighting awkwardly spliced in.
  • James Oddayin I see this thread. I go all
  • Eric Breitenbach So to sum it up, some people don't want to help with things. That is cool. Some people want to help. That is cool too.
  • David Alexander Cardamone yeah man. Its unrealistic to expect everyone to like anyone's art and that's cool man. Im grateful for those who want to help and I plan to help them back on their projects, as well as offer artwork/prints/etc. I also plan to pay a crew when upgrading to a better film piece.
  • David Alexander Cardamone if my art has stirred up controversy then thats a good thing.
  • Lance Gasaway Class is knowing what to say, when to say it, and when to stop.
  • James Oddayin Yaknow, one of my biggest problems with "Stiring up controversy" is that is actually is rarely actually a good thing.

    Like when you discover that the jewish girl who had a schwastica carved into her dorm room door did it herself.
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