Monday, September 1, 2014

Nathans Critque Part 4

  • James Oddayin Perception is reality. How people perceive you, is how you are to people. Your inner dialog doesn't mean anything to the rest of the world.
  • David Alexander Cardamone You can believe what you want but I see a correlation to the psychiatric medicine and it's strange side-effects that cause strange problems.
  • David Alexander Cardamone If people take an anti-depressant and commit suicide as a side-effects surely theres other side-effects, and I can conjecture up a lot of wacky side-effects you dont see on the label.
  • James Oddayin Basically you are saying you are heavily medicated and because of that we should make allowances for your altered mind state because of it.

    But paranoia as a side effect? I believe that.

    You should know, I have a personal experience with the deaf community.

    A friend who was told by her deaf friends that she would betray them by getting the hearing implant. And she did that, they shunned her and won't associate with her anymore.

    If you let one aspect of who you are dominate your entire life, ... you become a stereotype. (full circle)

    You reinforce it. You make it reality.

    It becomes your fault.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone I am not medicated. I refuse to take such disgusting pills. It has bee 14 years. The side-effect varies and it places people into a Twilight Zone. they are deceptive. If someone takes an anti-depressant and they commit suicide they are deceived into doing so. The deceptive powers of psychiatric medicine are borderline sorcerous and demonic. "By Babylons Sorceries the Nations are Deceived". Revelations 18:23. I refuse to take any pill and I try to take only nature remedies for any healing. I refuse to drink alcohol or to do drugs. I refuse. I want the highest and purest and healthy frame of mind to have every edge that I need. I dont need intoxication. I believe in studying hard and doing hard physical workouts and eating well. I believe in hard work and achievement.
  • David Alexander Cardamone I know about that deaf community thingy. Im not a part of one either. Im sure they would shun me too because I dont know sign-language and associate with other hearing people.
  • James Oddayin Reality is reality. It exist independent of people.
  • David Alexander Cardamone everyones realities are different from each other, and worlds collide when they interact
  • James Oddayin Nope. Reality exists independent of people. Objective reality. It is a thing.
  • David Alexander Cardamone lets say for example, you take LSD and you have a bad acid trip. Ok, thats subjective reality and exists in the mind. The link between subjective and objective thins or thickens with mental states. Thats why I say that psychiatric medicine gives you a 'bad trip reality without the visuals".
  • David Alexander Cardamone So some of you say my art is shitty. Yes thats true, but its not entirely my fault, though. Because I used to be prescribed psychiatric medicine, it gave me some side-effects of "Art Damage".
    People claim psych meds should not be used because they prevent creativity. But ... See More
  • James Oddayin No. It is you bumbling through the world with a chemical imbalance. The rest of the world is chugging right along without you.
  • David Alexander Cardamone So, in order for me to "heal" from psychiatric abuse and trauma, its obvious that the healing process is through artistic therapy and making more art. To not make art wouldn't heal, right?
  • James Oddayin Objective, believes the world exists outside of your mental state.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Thats an entirely different debate and a philosophical one. Every philosopher has a different angle on that issue.
  • James Oddayin This one wasn't so bad, then I saw he was fighting "apollyon" and I lost my shit
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    Finally! Finished! Made the soundtrack(s), edited, and now I have the live-actio... See More
  • James Oddayin Except yaknow. People die and the world goes on. Surprise.
  • James Oddayin There is a whole unit called Apollyons
  • David Alexander Cardamone well you were expecting a 1,000,000,000 production style like the Hobbit? This film is a 0 cost production of NO cost at all.
  • James Oddayin Nah. It's not too terrible. One of the better ones.
  • David Alexander Cardamone its about context and reference. For example, the Apollyon scene. Thats just a scan and animated. I dont know 3D too well and it would take way to freaking long to learn and then animate a 3D apollyon. The time frame is limited. Its not like i have a crew of hundreds. Context and Reference means if you know the softwares and its capabilities youd understand independent art films made by one person are going to differ dramatically from full production houses with full crews.
  • David Alexander Cardamone you guys know Im not trying to make "Commerical Art". right??
  • David Alexander Cardamone in Witchhunter: Volker Von Baky you know its chosen to be whimsical, like folk art. For example, the 8-bit characters, the animation of warhammer minatures, and the dice rolls. That should be painfully obvious that it's not meant to be a high-end production like a Billion-dollar costing "The Hobbit". As Witchhunter costed 0 cents to make, its the thought that counts in the making of it. It appears to me that you think everything has to be commerical, mainstream, and all art has to appeal to the aesthetics of "Illustration" in order to be art. It isn't so. I know you're brainwashed by the constant barrage of stream-lined Special FX from commericals and television and major movies. You should know that with Film as a Subversive Art and art we artsy-fartsy artists try to rebel against the Mainstream and the Commercial in search of meaning, in search of truth. For example, lets look at fantasy film-making. Its "Stereotypical" to try to use 3D special FX to make monsters (Not that it isn't essential to the art) but the stereotype, in Fantasy film, is to try to make something Fantasy purely out of Special FX and not out what Fantasy is, which is the experience of imagination. People always say that the book is better than the film. Because, the imagination is better than the film. Thats why, the film, should make you imagine things more, rather than doing your imagination for you. The brainwashing in TV and Special-FX laden programming is that streamlined mainstream media is trying to do your imagination for you rather than to get you to use your imagination. Again, art is meant to take you out of your comfort zone into other zones to awaken other aspects of your conciousness in order to make you think. For example, no use of fake blood and realistic weaponry, and Melee weapons are used? Again, the stereotype of using fake blood and realistic weapons to do your 'imagination' for your. Melee, is roleplay and we use our imagination in order to play it, its the same with this film.
  • David Alexander Cardamone

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