Monday, September 8, 2014

Kirk Stoner says biased bullshit.

If melee has taught me anything, its that it would be so easy for people in the public at large to gang up and butcher you alive if they chose to.
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  • Ali Johnson Luckily, most do not choose to!
  • Woden Hrafnass No doubt! I watch my back in public though, just in case
  • Jeremy Rongey 500 meter range and 30 round mags are the great equalizers.
  • Liam Sanchez Oh, I'd like to see em take a whack... Prhyrric would be the best word they could hope for.
  • Karen Riggs Unfortunately, is going on daily in some parts of the world. Barbarians still exist today!
  • David Alexander Cardamone reminds me of jocks vs nerds. Jocks are not individuals, they are people who cant think for themselves. If you watch "Revenge of the Nerds" and think, why do the jocks pick on and persecute the Nerds? 1. Because Nerds are being themselves, the Jocks are not. 2. Jocks conform to a peer-pressure social status that prevents themselves from being who they really are, that they become shallow flakes. 3. The Nerd Fraternity accepts anyone and encourages everyone to be themselves. 4. Nerds are people who are really human, that is, Humans that actually do experience the Universe they are in. How do they experience the Universe? By studying and reading. Real Humans actually appreciate the Universe they are in and study and read about it, thus learning and exploring the Universe. Jocks do not do that. Jocks know nothing about the world they are in and therefore are jealous.
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  • Kirk Stoner Im pretty sure jock is a nick name for someone who is dedicated to a sport. Any sport. Including Martial Arts.

    It doesnt necessarily mean that they are stupid David. In fact, most professional athletes have received accademic accolades and quite a few
    have PHDs.

    Your nasty defensive comments about "jocks" show ignorance.

    Im sorry if you got bullied by some "jocks" in your past but your comments are pretty ignorant.

    What you are referring to is something altogether different and those people dont have to be athletes. They exist in all walks of life.

    But you like to run your mouth and dont read comments that contradict your own views so I am very likely wasting my breath.

    You David, are the very definition of the short sighted, egotistical, self entitled antagonist to which you so often refer to in your own LSD infused rants on Facebook.

    I'd appreciate it if you would spare us.
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  • Liam Sanchez I didn't want to do this... but... <applauds the white samurai> well played, kirk. well played.
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  • Liam Sanchez I didn't want to do this... but... <applauds the white samurai> well played, kirk. well played.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone Kirk, you took it the literal/objective way. From watching "Revenge of the Nerds" one generates 'movie trophes' that are theoretical discussoins of the movie that may relate to some characters in real life. For example, the "Jerk Jocks" is a trophe that is pretty dominant in the movie, it may not always be like that in real life, but then again, a movie doesn't mean to portray real life and any resemblance is coincidential. Of course, the movie is inspired by reality and the Jock vs Nerd may have been quite a black and white world back then when the movie was made. The point I am trying to make is that the "Peer Pressure Group is the group that focuses on peer pressure for acceptance, and those are the people that can't think for themselves. People who give into peer pressure for acceptance rather than being themselves". Whenever or not to label them as jocks is irrelevant. Using the wordage, "Peer Pressure Group" as a terminology is more accurate, as the Nerd group usually falls into the "Individual Celebration" group where they celebrate individuality and not Social Peer Pressure. I am sorry that you misinterpreted my theories, being mostly subjective, in a negative way. Furthermore, I must contest that martial arts is really a nerd sport and not a jock sport. yes, Jocks have "Jockified" martial arts but the birth of Karate was to help people to handle bullies, like thugs/thieves who would mug them, and we can relate to that 'bully' trophe to the 'jock' trophe as we can relate 'nerd' to 'martial artist'. Marital arts is more of an individual celebration sport because it is all about the growth of the individual. Jock sports is about the "Team" and thus jocks usually are in the "peer pressure groups" rather than "individual celebration" groups.
  • Kirk Stoner Hes been working on that since I posted.
  • David Alexander Cardamone

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