Tuesday, September 9, 2014

white trashy

  • Liam Sanchez Am i a hater? sometimes. usually when some half-wit has the temerity to compare his particular brand of pseudo-intellectualism to the works of a great like chomsky. yeah, i kinda read his library, like everything he wrote, and you may trust and believe that you are no dr. chomsky. your point of view was attacked and you proceeded to wax philosophical about how we weren't smart enough to 'get it' and our intellectualism isn't real and yada yada yada we're not as smart as we think we are and i am quaffing liquor, right? i HATE when people describe themselves as intellectuals. it usually means they are anything but. anyway, you were attacking me? let's see what you can do, li'l guy. i'm sure it'll be good for a chuckle.
  • Michael Kunze Life isn't a movie for gods sake. I don't know who has wasted their money on trying to educate you, but I feel sorry for them. I would hate to have a child waste themselves as you have.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Jocks do nerd-bashing for a reason. Nerds are meant to be rejected and ostracized from Jock social groups, this purely social organization. Nerds are meant to study and do NASA stuff, not party with jocks and get F's in class.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Its very simple. My Jock-Bashing is for the self-preservation of my Nerd Interests.
  • Michael Kunze Your jock bashing is covering for your own inferiority nothing more
  • David Alexander Cardamone I got A+ in Neitzsche and Kirkegaard, Post-Modern Theory, Writing, Poetry, and Georges Bataille classes. If a Jock gets an F in easy classes then I wonder who is superior and inferior.
  • Woden Hrafnass ::covers ears and hides::
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  • Michael Kunze Obviously your lessons never sunk in getting an A in a class doesnt mean you understood or even retained the information bud.
  • Cassandra Burns You guys are getting ridiculous. I think you're all arguing just for the sake of arguing. At this point I don't even think there's a right or wrong any more. You all look like goobers.
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  • Eric Breitenbach Once a week, same post.
  • Liam Sanchez Hold on hold on... nerds save the world with avant garde artwork (translation- crap nobody gets because the artist expected people to gather huge intrinsic meaning from some really bad stuff) and they 'create inventions' for the betterment of the world? i couldn't possibly be more exhausted by the mental shrug you inspire. jocks don't screw with nerds because of societal need. they do it because we're weird. we read a lot and get more out of video games than they get out of frat mixers. you don't bash jocks out of self preservation. you do it for ego revitalization. mean ol' jock made david hurt with wedgie to his back teeth now david spins giant web of feces to make david forget when pretty girl laugh at wedgie. david win this time pretty girl. david win stupid jock. i bet that jock had a higher GPA than you, li'l buddy. you eschewed all that teaching, right? they were there to make the jocks feel better, weren't they? jesus, man, i don't argue with you for preservation of self. it's more for my sanity.
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  • Liam Sanchez Oh my gosh. you got a's? that MUST mean you are smart. why, why aren't you inventing creations for the wonder of humankind? truly, you're amazing. if you got a's and b's for this crap thinking, why, you could rule the world? short sighted is what holds you back, not that you can't hear a damned thing. you are blinded by a shadow you think your own. in reality, it's just getting dark.
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  • Woden Hrafnass If melee has taught me anything, its that it would be so easy for people in the public at large to gang up and butcher you alive if they chose to.
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  • Michael Kunze *Sharpens the knives*
  • Liam Sanchez <- is a skilled meat fabricator.
  • Eric Breitenbach If this post has taught me anything...
  • Kirk Stoner Classic self-deception with maybe just a hint of fragmentation? Perhaps hippocampal volume was stunted due to some trauma? Ijs.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone Cassandra is right, you are arguing for the sake of arguing, and David-basing. Nerds bashing other nerds for Jock-bashing. If I see, Tulsans doing some David-bashing, then they are deaf-bashing because they are Tulsans, like the Tulsans who burned litlte africa. That's how I interpret it.

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