Tuesday, September 9, 2014

white trash.

  • Michael Kunze He actually believes his own press. I love looking up your record and watching you comment on yourself under different names. Pathetic. You aren't an intellectual. You're not better than anyone. There are homeless dudes living under bridges with more self worth.
  • Kirk Stoner I'm not sure I have to say anything else at this point. My intellect is not in question here.

    Basically you just said "fighters are jocks and I'm a fighter". So.. if your definition of a "jock" is accurate, then I agree with you.
  • Zach Sumrall I stopped at the Nietzche quote. If you want someone to believe you are morally right about anything, don't use Nietzche. You'll get about as far as using Hitler.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone Hitler abused and misued Neitzsche to pass himself as an intellectual. Neitzsche would hate Hitler.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Did I attack you guys personally? No, did I say, "Micheal and Kirk and Liam are nitwit nincompoops?". No. See, if you watch this debate by two Intellectuals, Foucault and Chomsky, they have differing views on Human Nature, but they didn't attack each other personally, but shared their point of views. http://youtu.be/3wfNl2L0Gf8
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    The full tv debate by Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault on the question of Human ... See More
    • Liam Sanchez the only thing you do more often than making broad and sweeping derogatory statements about huge sections of the population is when you choose to regale us with self-adulatory tripe concocted to make you feel better than those around you. narcissus called. he wants his reflecting pool back. sheesh, dude. you are as tiresome as you are trivial.
    • Zach Sumrall He would, but only because of his application of √úbermensch. Nietzche was wary of anti-semitism and German nationalism. That being said, what can from the mouth of Zarathustra was very similar in abstract to the ideal of the Nazis. Basically, Nietzche thought Hitler picked the wrong √únermensch. However, the concept in general is pretty ethically dangerous. If you are proposing some sort of nerd Superpeople, I'm gonna have to say you are completely and utterly morally wrong.
    • Kirk Stoner I didnt attack you. I lightly misquoted you for comical purpose.
    • David Alexander Cardamone "broad and sweeping derogatory statements about huge sections of the population". So, you are telling me that huge sections of the human population aren't stupid?

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