Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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  • David Alexander Cardamone Just look at the big bag of bullshit I get from you guys when I say something about "jocks". What does that exactly mean? It means you guys are haters. Its not fun to play Melee with you I hate it, in fact. Thats why I haven't been out in 6 weeks.
  • Liam Sanchez To assume that we have anti-david agendas is to assume that we give you far more thought than we do. frankly, i forget you are there until a new load of david scented horse poo arrives from on high like gifts from a bomber on a mission to fertilize the world. if you didnt say stupid shit, we'd never even speak your name. if you don't want the poo flung back at you with vehemence, don't simultaneously provide us with ammo and a target.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone I call bullshit. I fucking say things about Jocks if I fucking want to. Freedom of Speech. Im gonna personally attack you, now, Liam. You are White Trash.
  • Liam Sanchez Finally! you gonna take your toys and go home? spoiled child behavior.
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  • Zach Sumrall Hey man, if they are this mad, it's probably cause you said something offensive. Or something. Listen, you probably did something. You can't just assume you have some sort of moral high-ground. They aren't "haters" or "meanies". They are people with opinions, and obviously so are you. Quit writing them off as just being in some category of people you don't have to listen to.
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  • Kirk Stoner Your comments are offensive David. Whats sad is that you recognized that you are met with resistance anytime you "jock" bash yet you continue to do it. Have you considered that maybe thats why you have a hard time meshing?
  • Karen Walker Damn it Woden look what you did!
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  • Zach Sumrall Also, Liam is Hispanic trash. Not white trash.
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  • Kirk Stoner Just because you CAN do something David, doesnt mean you SHOULD.

    My parents explained this to me when I was a wee lad.
  • Liam Sanchez I haven't begun to attack you, david. i just process the septic tank you give us, kindly and free you give it to us like some kind of melon headed god, and regurgitate it back for you to enjoy. your words are feeble. like an old woman's, boy. you couldn't anger me. i'm too bored with you to be angry.
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  • Liam Sanchez Thanks, Hans. record straight again.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone well, I wanted to see what your reaction was. Lets take a look at a scenario: Nerd boy is terrified of Jocks but it's not a "Revenge of the Nerds" movie. The Jocks accept the nerd and take him in to their Fraternity. Then, the Nerd, parties all the time and his studies suffer. The nerd slowly changes, and becomes someone else. The Nerd has become "UnNerded" and became a Jock. NASA has lost a prized rocket scientist. The Nerd however, did get shallow Cheerleader girls but didn't get the Nerd girflriend that would've accepted him for who he is. What is the Moral of the Story? Self-Preservation. See, if the Nerd, instead of wanting to be "Accepted" by Jocks, decided to regard the "Jocks" as "Nethanderal Morons" and ignored the Jocks and didn't join the Fraternity. Therefore, the Nerd is free to be himself and study physics and God Particles and Black Holes. What does this mean? It means that social groups reject those that don't belong as a subconcious need for humanity to organize it's own humans for the purpose of humanity. The nerds purpose is to save humanity by creating inventions and cures and doing things in the name of science or whatever it is that Nerds do. Its all social organization. When I, a Gothic Artist Nerd, reject Jocks, it's for self-preservation so that I don't succumb into the Jock world and not be myself. Being oneself is of important. Its why Artists write manifestos for the self-preservations of their artistic ideals so that they make avant-garde art instead of re-making art that tons of artists have already done. Self-Preservation is a key word in social organization.

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