Tuesday, September 9, 2014

more retarded bullshit from Mike, Kirk, and Liam.

  • David Alexander Cardamone oh Im a coward. I have done professional 30 kickboxing/MMA fights, one of them I got hit so hard in the face I couldn't see out my left eye, but I kept on fighting and I won that fight. And you call me a coward and a liar. You choose to believe those things because you are attacking me, you will ook for any reason to attack me and why? Because I dont like jocks or deaf discrimination, or certain redneck white trash types. Thats ok. We all have right to our opinion. My opinion is that jocks are excrement. Thats my opinion.
  • Woden Hrafnass And you see what I mean about the public at large...
  • Kirk Stoner And it's a stupid one. You call yourself a martial artist but you hold none of the same beliefs in tolerance and acceptance that i was taught. Its disgraceful David and I personally find your judgemental comments offensive.

    You are a fighter David. Not a martial artist who strives for balance and tolerance and composure.

    You brag about your exploits on Facebook like a trophy. This is not the way of a true student of Martial Arts. It is the way of the prize fighter. The "jock" that you so readily demean on a regular basis.
  • Kirk Stoner ^Cardamone
  • Kirk Stoner You have no concept of what Bushido truly is. Regardless of how many times you say you've read the book. The truth shows in the things you say.

    Ignorance of morality is forgiveable, denial of it is not.
  • Liam Sanchez David, you do spout some inane crap, yo. and that better than everybody tone you adopt is for the birds. i agree with kirk, you could stand a bit of contemplation and if you were my student, you'd be donating time to charity. i'd set you up coaching football for the underprivileged kids or something. you're kind of a poor sport, brother. and kunze, don't prey hate and call someone out for spewin hate. you're better than that, baby. you're reacting to the dumb, i feel you. just tell him he is a doofus and be done with it.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Kirk is right, I am a fighter and not a martial artist. But I do have my code of ethnics. My dojo has always been a dojo of fighters who live by the 'Alpha Male" cliche, and yes are sorta "jockish". Its true that I deman jocks but only jock sports like ball sports I feel that the Fighter should make more money than jocks in ball sports. Fighters have been jockish and frankfully, thats my complaint. There isn't respect in the MMA world, as sometime there is, there is a lot of disrespect. You should see the batshit hate I get on MMA forums way back then. Beyond unbelievable. However, all your attacks are personal and therefore void of intellectual depth. Why? Because they specifically attack me and are blind to any real dogma. Because, intellectual dogma exists out of the personal sphere and is impersonal. You all are attacking me because of your personal agendas towards me. True Intellectualism exists out of the 'you vs me' debates and exists in the higher sphere of things. The fact that no one has defended me is simply because of peer pressure, that we argued about. I dont need your acceptance or approval. I dont have to seek approval from you guys. Just think about the bullshit you guys are saying, they are nothing but simple bitchy attacks on me because you hate me. That is all.
  • David Alexander Cardamone

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