Monday, September 1, 2014

nathans critique of my art, part 3

  • David Alexander Cardamone most famous artists stir up controversy and thats how they got their success. Like Dali, for example. He smashed the windows of a department store of his art exhibit and it was in the newspaper, getting him more attention. Just an example.
  • James Oddayin Some artists, just make good art.
  • David Alexander Cardamone all artists make shitty art in order to make good art.
  • James Oddayin Doesn't mean people wanna see the shitty art. Heh
  • David Alexander Cardamone some people dont want to see mainstream media. Thats why I dont watch TV. I only watch art films and anime.
  • James Oddayin Oh man. I need to stop. This feels like a trap. Nathan Natred Trim. Did you set all this up, just for me?
  • Nathan Natred Trim No James but if you want to join the heary club for the conspiracy against deaf people, I have awesome t-shirts.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone i dont schedule my time after work to watch a TV programming that is interrupted constantly with commercials that hurt my eyes. I control my programming by choosing which art films Im in the mood to watch, like a 4-hour Jacques Rivette Frenchy art house film, or a Jean Luc Godard.
  • James Oddayin Woah woah woah. Tread cautiously. Jizz, Everywhere.
  • David Alexander Cardamone you dont like my films because they are not "TV". They are truth. It is the TV that are brainwashing everyone with lies.
  • James Oddayin I haven't seen them. But just because you say they are truth, doesn't mean they are truth, either. Just because it is TV doesn't make it untrue. Just because you make something doesn't mean it's truth.

    Every fool in the United States has access to a camera these days. Back in the day at least there was a cost of entry barrier, now the stupid runs free.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone wow. The devil sure is good at getting masses of people to attack me.
  • Nathan Natred Trim Don't blame old Lucy for doing what's in his nature, he's just another one of god's happy little creations.
  • David Alexander Cardamone its obvious ive got the "Ball" or the enemy wouldnt attack me.
  • Michael Kunze Masses of people to attack you? Wow did we take our conspiracy-Os this morning or what...You are an ignorant child trying to make himself look more of an adult. Making shitty art doesn't make you an artist...It makes you a shitty artist. I'd really like to see you get some actual professional help bud because you are so far away from any rational thought it is amazing you can tie your own shoes.
  • David Alexander Cardamone i chose to be a shitty artist, not a mainstream artist.
  • Michael Kunze You chose wrong. Why on earth would someone who wants to succeed make a shit product. Just so you can cry about how noone appreciates my art. No one understands it... You know why? becuase no one wants to watch or look at shitty crap.
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  • David Alexander Cardamone ill give you an example of a film that I aspire to. This is very well done and is a "real film".
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    Voted the best Czech film ever made, Marketa Lazarová is a powerful and passiona... See More
  • Darrell Eddings This is exactly the kind of thing we dealt with him years ago. - you can't reason with him on any level. Honestly I'd feel safer for the children if he was institutionalized but I don't wanna hear about the conspiracy
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  • James Oddayin Oh man. Watching your videos on YouTube. This is the greatest day of my year. I am inspired by this. Truly, few things have given me this level of emotional response in a while.
  • James Oddayin Just when I thought, "Man. That Darkon Documentry....." Now this. Thank you, David. Thank you so much.
  • David Alexander Cardamone James Oddayin Ill give you an excerpt from the book "Directing Film Aesthetics and Techniques" "What makes films outstanding is what distinguishes any story. They embrace film as something dramatic and express distinct ideas about the underlying causes or their character's dilemmas. Without sensitivity to the nuance of the actual, and how unexpectedly actual people behave under pressure, the writer will fall into stereotype" Those who study real life know that nothing is more mysterious and full than the actual, and that nothing is so untrue as a stereotype". That is what I mean by truth and untruths in film and TV. TV, is filled with stereotypes and thus by watching all typical gimmicks and stereotypes that is what people mean by lies and brainwashing.
  • David Alexander Cardamone if you cant watch a film like Marketa Lazarova because it's in Black and White or it's too "artistic" then I cant take your comments seriously. Obviously Im just being attacked by the "TV people".
  • James Oddayin Sorry to break it to you. But I know some living breathing walking stereotypes. Just like in film and music where there is a finite amount of plots and story lines, the same goes with personalities. The background may be different but there is a finite amount of personalities types in the world.

    Stereotypes exists because somewhere that stereotype is happening with regular enough occurrence that people believe that all are like that.

    Let me explain it in film language for you.

    It isn't that stereotypes aren't real. It is that some people are being type-cast incorrectly.
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  • James Oddayin My favorite movie was in black and white. The Original children of the damned. I also have all of the Lone Ranger on DVD somewhere as well as Alfred Hitchcock presents and the Twilight Zone.
  • James Oddayin That favorite being the original Children of the Damned.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Thats awesome, Children of the Dammed looks really awesome. Im ashamed of myself for not having seen it yet. Im gonna watch the Original one very soon.
  • Darrell Eddings See as he'll be cordial until you disagree with him and then you're a nazi biggot, and a card carrying member of fuck over the crazy assholes club
  • James Oddayin Oh. I am watching his films. This is the best thing ever.
  • James Oddayin The second he calls me a nazi, I would have to visit. Being as his white American privilege has had him safe from real nazis his whole life. I used to get picked up and attacked by grown men real neo-nazis in Germany when I was 10 years old waiting at the bus stop.

    You don't have a right to call anyone a nazi until you have had a grown man in your face with a 3rd Reich tattoo on his forehead put a knife in your face.
  • James Oddayin As for Anime? I have found 4 that didn't suck.

    Well adjusted Japanese people even think that shit is for weirdos.
  • David Alexander Cardamone I'm gonna let you guys into a story. Its a sad and Twilight Zone story.
    This happened at art school and I think by telling you this it'll lend in some insight to what's going on.
    1. I made a film peice that has some "Anime Rape" (hentai in it). Its Anime and Not real.
    2. Other film students, that I have no association with, they make videos of themselves working at the porn store and shooting heroin. These creepy art students made some child porn. They go into a Ballet studio, saying they're making
    art, and they film they film the little girls (aged 4-5) undressing, dressing, with close-ups of their private body parts.
    Thats child porn.
    3. At the art show, I had 300 raging and angry art students all screaming at me for making a film peice with Anime rape in it. The raging went on and on and on for about oh.. all day long. People all were talking and talking and talking about my film and all day. During the critiques, for endless hours, after the critique, at dinner, at the parties, everyone was all arguing and debating my film. Everyone gave me shit for it. I went thru hell for my film.
    4. The guys who made child porn? No one gave them hell. I said it was wrong for them to do that. No one else did.
  • David Alexander Cardamone so what does that tell you? Whats worse? Anime rape or real child porn?
  • David Alexander Cardamone you can watch this Controversial art peice that started a War at art school here.
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    Named after a burlesque dancer who doesn't really appear in the story, but shows... See More
  • Nathan Natred Trim No thanks, I've already had my daily dosage of rape porn.
  • James Oddayin Even the NOT vulgar cartoons, are considered "Childish" in japanese culture.

    The second group need to be arrested and executed.

    And if you are contributing and creating something pedophiles would jerk it too? You are a villain too.
  • James Oddayin Not for prison. No real people were hurt. But it speaks about your character as a human being.
  • Nathan Natred Trim But without showing their film, the other side of the argument, I have no reason to believe what you say. I fully believe a crowd would go attack someone showing child porn long before anime rape at an art show, and I doubt the pedo video could even get in unless they had zero screening process. That story sounds faked so you can victimize yourself.
  • James Oddayin I would have stabbed them in the parking lot, then called the police.
  • James Oddayin Is he a professional victim? He needs to take that 'Tyranny of the Minority' shit somewhere else.
  • David Alexander Cardamone I'm sorry but its true. You dont understand that this is a Twilight Zone story. Its real. Look at Jim Morrison's example. He went through the same thing too. When he was in film school, everyone all attacked his film and the only one who supported him was his friend Ray Manzarek.
  • Nathan Natred Trim See, ^ that would be a normal reaction from most people, let alone parents. David I just won't believe that story. Old Occam makes me believe you manufactured this story after your film bombed. Until you show me proof I call you a liar.
  • Nathan Natred Trim Or you are horribly misrepresenting what their film was.
  • David Alexander Cardamone Im sorry but its true. I can furnish you emails with friends from art school with our discussions about it as well as testimonials from other art students. Remember, those are art students and they are too caught up in art that they are blinded by the pretense of art that it is an excuse for anything.
  • James Oddayin First off, what they did? Would be a felony and they would be required to call the police. That is pound me in the ass prison time.
  • Nathan Natred Trim Exactly. The first thing anyone would do is either act out like Odd described or call the police. The over whelming majority of the population abhors pedophiles. Don't expect me to believe the opposite just because you told me.
  • James Oddayin Twilight Zone is a syndicated television show.
  • David Alexander Cardamone filming the little girls doing gymnastics and ballet. They would film the girls undressing and dressing as the girls used the main room as a dressing room. I am referring to Twilight Zone as I am in the Twilight Zone and this is a Twilight Zone story as in its a concept that I am in the Twilight Zone. My whole life.
  • James Oddayin I would have first ran, got the film, promptly destroyed it publically, then violently attack them with anything in my hands. Or, shot them dead.
  • James Oddayin Because there are things worth walking to the chair for.
  • Nathan Natred Trim At what point did this video become sexually slanted? There are tons of famous paintings with naked children in them, and no one views them sexually. Tell me at what point this becomes pornography? My dad kept a video of my sister and I playing in the tub naked when we were little kids, is that porn too?
  • David Alexander Cardamone This happened in 1998, before high-speed internet and myspace/facebook, where talk about child porn goes viral. So people dont have that social media where they get exposed to the trends that surface, as the "Pedophile hate group" that facebook social media trends.
  • James Oddayin That, is a valid question. I have pictures of my kids in the tub.
  • James Oddayin Bullshit. I had highspeed internet in 1998
  • David Alexander Cardamone Exactly. But look at who is making the film. Porno store clerks who do Heroin.
  • David Alexander Cardamone we know they do that because they make videos about it and proudly display it. its bullshit.
  • James Oddayin Did you call the police?
  • David Alexander Cardamone the sexuality in question is the zooming in on their private parts with the camera lens.
  • Nathan Natred Trim Are you now judging art by the artist? Come now, you're better educated than that. Exactly Odd, at what point did this video become porn and why didn't anyone, you included, act?
  • James Oddayin Did YOU call the police?
  • David Alexander Cardamone no I didn't. I was too fucked up at that time to do so. I did later and they didnt care.They simply believed that since it happened at art school that its art and didnt bother to see for themselves.
  • Nathan Natred Trim Again, this makes me think you made this story up after the face because sour grapes are hard to swallow.
  • David Alexander Cardamone i could think up a better story than that if I wanted to fabricate something.
  • David Alexander Cardamone but I do have real emails talking about it from many years ago I can show that.
  • James Oddayin Bullshit. Police care about pedophilia. They will kick down your door at the slightest rumor of it.

    If nothing was done, and you didn't continue to push, than you are responsible for any child that was damaged in the process. You, are a villain. And an enabler. And social media existed. You could have called a local news channel. Or the paper.
  • Nathan Natred Trim Then why weren't they expelled? Why didn't the art school show the film to the police? Why did they show it in the first place?
  • David Alexander Cardamone like I said, its a Twilight Zone story.
  • Nathan Natred Trim That makes no sense in the real world, the one we live in, and so again I call you a liar.
  • James Oddayin The Twilight zone is entertaining because it isn't real.
  • David Alexander Cardamone the art students show their work for the end-of-semester critique it is not the art school.
  • Steve Martin I hope this guy gets no support from anyone to make him a success at anything so long as he treats and talks about people he doesn't know this way. Reduce the platform he uses to spew this crazy to as small as possible. The fewer who can hear guys like this speak the better.

    Anything you attempt further in my circle of friends will be met with "deafening silence".
  • James Oddayin I could throw his video on the Dagorhir Unmod.
  • David Alexander Cardamone you dont understand what I meant by when I use the concept of Twilight Zone to be understood in it's context.
  • James Oddayin I understand perfectly. But reality doesn't work like that.
  • David Alexander Cardamone actually it does.
  • Nathan Natred Trim This might be a logical fallacy, but the fact that nothing was done leads me to believe nothing was wrong, at least in the majority of the vast majority of the people that saw it. If even a few thought something was wrong something would have been done.
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  • James Oddayin I think. I am going to show a couple thousand people your video.
  • David Alexander Cardamone tons of injustice everywhere is a Twlight Zone.
  • Nathan Natred Trim Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of /dag/ unmod.
  • David Alexander Cardamone thats because those porn store clerk art student heroin abusers are Hearing and thus they get the hearing treatment. When a deaf guy makes art a vast majority of hearing will find any excuse to hate it. No matter what the excuse it they will look for it. I hope that clearly illustrates the Twilight Zone of which a deaf person lives in among a world of hearies.
  • James Oddayin You'll never be famous, David. But you are now infamous.
  • David Alexander Cardamone See, if I wasnt there, as a deaf artist, then those guys would have gotten in trouble. But everyone's rage was directed on me. I was a distraction from the real culprit.
  • James Oddayin OH SHIT! He is one of THESE!

    You know what? My family is jewish. When you suffer a holocaust, get back to me.
  • David Alexander Cardamone the deaf have been genocided in ancient histories and killed at birth.
  • James Oddayin *waggles fingers* OOoooOoooooh. Impressive. Where is your grandma's tattoo?

    We can play this "Who's bloodline/disability." is the most discriminated against. You will loose.

    I have walked the paths of Dachau and smelt the air that lingers with the smell of burnt flesh that lingers to this day.

    There are plenty of famous deaf people since middle ages. Where in which it was just assumed everyone went deaf eventually and it wasn't a big deal.
  • Jesse Tabor David, stop.
  • James Oddayin Please don't. I am home sick and this is exactly what I need today.
  • Jesse Tabor Your making people hate you ever more, but it seems you have a history of that.
    You got to question your own character and judge yourself..
  • James Oddayin Normally I play a good guy in real life. But I have a sinus infection. All bets are off.
  • Jesse Tabor They would have killed me too, since I have am Indian card.. what's your point?
  • David Alexander Cardamone the point is that I live in a Twlight Zone in which the Hearies look for any excuse, any flaw, and if they see that, thats what they use as an attack on me.
  • James Oddayin Sometimes, a sword is just a sword.
  • James Oddayin Have you heard the expression, "Been married 9 times. Maybe it's you?"
  • David Alexander Cardamone "Maybe it's you?" Not really. As a psychiatric abused victim by psychiatric prescription medicine, it does cause side-effects in which affects other peoples perception of me. I can correlate the differences in the way people act around me in my childhood and teenage years before I took the meds and the results afterwards.
  • David Alexander Cardamone

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